Search Warrant Ruled Admissible in Marshfield

Back in August I told you that the attorney for Tobin Kerns, William McElligott, was trying to get the search warrant of Kerns’ house suppressed because the police informants were not reliable. One of those informants, Joe Nee, was also arrested for the same plot. If you remember Kerns was arrested in conjunction with a plot to commit a Columbine-like assault on Marshfield High in Mass. Well, I heard from someone close to the case today who said that the Judge has ruled the search warrant is admissible. This hasn’t made the media yet and according to the person who gave me the information it’s unlikely that it will. Anyway, in my opinion, this ruling stinks. Outside of the arrest of Joe Nee it still seems like he is receiving preferential treatment since he’s the son of a Boston cop. A pre-trial date has been set for September 27th.

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