More Esmie Tseng News

Teen Faces Charge in Mom’s Stabbing: (last story)

Just some other news about Esmie Tseng. Probably nothing new to those that are closer to the case but new to me…

Investigators said the teen’s 55-year-old mother, Shu Yi Zhang, was fatally stabbed after a lengthy argument between the mother and daughter.

Zhang called her husband after the attack and asked him to come home, but she was dead by the time emergency workers arrived, officials said.


Prosecutors said Tseng’s alleged violent behavior is out of character for her, but classmates said Tseng, a high school junior, had been using drugs and was sent her home early for some strange behavior.

I did know that she was allegedly sent home but this is the first I’ve heard about any alleged drug use.

I also found another support forum for Esmie Tseng at Kids in Court. Now while I’m personally reserving judgment on the situation because not enough information has been released the people at KIC annoy me to no end because they believe that no minor should be tried as an adult. I’m sorry but if you can’t do adult time you shouldn’t do adult crime. 16 years old is old enough to know that killing people is wrong and against the law.

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