Eric Schorling Update

Prosecutors doubt they’ll need witness in stabbing trial:

Just some news in the case of Eric Schorling. To refresh your memories, Eric Schorling bragged to people that he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. He then stabbed Nicole in the back in the halls of Romeo High School barely missing her heart. He then bragged to people afterward that he stabbed Nicole. He had made a plea to serve six months but then nullified that plea by escaping from Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center and telling people that he was going to finish the job he started. So not only is he a psychopath he’s also a dumbass.

Anyway, the article states that they could use fellow escapee Ronnie Lewis Gabrail’s testimony but probably won’t…

“If you’ve got a quarterback that can throw long and connect on the very first play, why would you take 15 plays on handoffs and short runs and risk making mistakes on the field to gain the same yards?” Kaplan explained by way of analogy. “The case was very strong already, without Ronnie Gabrail, and using him might add risk.”

And here’s the testimony he could provide…

Prior to and during the brief escape, Gabrail has said Schorling told him he’d get back to Romeo and “finish off the bitch” or “finish what I started” — a sort of indirect admission that he had stabbed Lambert before. But Kaplan said the evidence value of that statement is minimal for the stabbing trial since Schorling also made incriminating statements to other Romeo High School students.

And some people actually think he needs “help” and not jail. The only help he needs is help getting into the prison van for a long long stay courtesy of the State of Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Eric Schorling Update”

  1. I’m so glad Nicole keeps me updated on this stuff. I’m pissed at Eric. He’s a fucking cunt. Let him rot in jail and be the Charles Manson he is. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was singing, “Come on baby light my fire,” right now. The dirty scumbag.


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