A challenge answered…sort of

Yesterday I posted a challenge to the mutants to stop operating in secrecy. Well someone responded to my challenge but as usual, it was behind a locked message board. Luckily one of my readers tipped me off to it. Our favorite mutant WMD had this to say…

Over in the trenches of the Trenchcoat Chronicles, there is a thread named https://realcrime.net/2005/10/04/why-so-secret/ Don’t bother answering. Trench allows people like jim to cast insults to his heart’s content while banishing others, myself included, for expressing opinions counter to his own. If he wants to read and post here, let him register like everyone else.

Then the moderator by the not so original “goth” name of Ms. Bathory had this to say…

If I found Trench on here I would instantly get rid *spits*

So much for open discussion. You know I have no problem with goths but if you’re going to pick a screen name pick one that 50,000 others aren’t using.

Then another moderator by the name of Jennifer had this to say…




You know what? Now that I think about it, stay in secrecy. At least that way you won’t infect anyone else with your inanity.

9 thoughts on “A challenge answered…sort of”

  1. On a side note here: I have a full- length, high-quality black leather trench coat that a relative sent me that he had worn twice before he moved to Mississippi and no longer used it. He paid something like $800 for it. Since I just moved to Texas, I,m sure I will never wear it. Anyone want to give me a link to a mutant site so I can go post it and sell it? I’ll give them a GREAT deal:smile:


  2. ZappaCrappa: believe it or not but it actually does get cool &amp at times down right cold in texas…depending on where you live….

    (DFW area myself)


  3. Thanks SM. My wife just informed me that I might want to go through a winter here before I start giving away my stuff:lol:

    I just moved to Mckinney so I’m not too far from you.


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