Dave Cullen

Late last night I was lucky enough to exchange e-mails with one of my internet heroes, Dave Cullen. For those of you unfamiliar with Dave’s work he wrote what I think is the definitive article on Columbine “The Depressive and the Psychopath” and he also has a plethora of Columbine information in his Columbine Almanac. After our exchange, he wrote an entry on his blog called “The upside of covering Columbine” where he discussed receiving e-mails from students who are looking for help with their reports about Columbine. He said that it was a minor hassle but nothing made him happier. He also discussed as we did in our exchange how my site gets all the readers who praise the killers while Dave’s site rarely gets one. As it should be really because Dave is a professional writer and journalist and I’m just some guy with a website and an opinion. Anyway, it’s a good read.

6 thoughts on “Dave Cullen”

  1. Very cool…way to go Trench. The only time I ever get mentioned anywhere there’s usually a “dumbass” or an “idiot” in the same sentence:roll:


  2. Morpheus, that really made me smile. Hmmmmm. Hoping I’m not sounding like a broken record. (Remember actual broken records?)

    But this has given me a burst of inspiration. It gets so long and wearying working on this freaking book. Sometimes I feel like it will never be over. Nice to know there are still people out ther who care.


    And be a good shrink. The world needs more of them. (I just got off the phone with a buddy who really needs a shrink’s help. God knows they have helped me. But you can’t make somebody go, they have to want one.


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