Birthday in Hell III

It seems I’ve riled the mutants once again. Apparently, they’re none too happy with the birthday wishes I had for their cowardly hero Dylan Klebold. One of my sources found this posted to one of the mutant message boards…

Look at the one at the top.

Some people have no tolerance or compassion.

You mean like the tolerance and compassion that two teenage mass murderers had for their 13 victims?

Hello Kettle, the Pot is holding on line 2.

3 thoughts on “Birthday in Hell III”

  1. I bet you have tolerance and compassion Trench…for people that actually DESERVE tolerance and compassion. Tolerance and compassion…lmao.

    Dear mutants, I hereby vow to be more tolerant and compassionate to the misguided, poorly raised, unrealistic, disinfrachised youth of today who may possibly decide to murder my child in school because they are pissed off that they can’t get a date, make a sports team, are laughed at or ridiculed because they think that they are vampires or living in a real-world version of a video game or movie. Nahhhh…never mind….I won’t take that vow. I guess I’ll just continue to be intolerant and uncompassionate.

    Keep up the good work Trench.


  2. I’m sorry. I meant to comment on it. Really, I did. But it was so ridiculously mind-boggling that words failed me.

    So allow me a cheap, cop-out reply:

    What Zappa said.


  3. Trench had been thru hell with those assholes who shot up Columbine so I don’t blame him for making the post Birthdays in Hell. I think every year someone should go to Eric Harris and Kleabold’s grave to take a mango sized crap on it. Yes, I know a few of you murder groupies would be gunning for me because of this crack but ask me if I give shit. A few will be giving me hell for saying that one but seriously what they did was make Trench a damned criminal when he didn’t deserve it.


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