Scott Dyleski

16-year-old male arrested in brutal Vitale slaying:

I wasn’t going to do anything on the brutal murder of Pamela Vitale, wife of well-known defense attorney Daniel Horowitz. It’s such a high profile case I felt that it was going to be over-blogged. That was until they arrested a suspect, one 16-year-old Scott Dyleski. Here’s what piqued my interest in this…

Authorities believe Dyleski killed Vitale, 52, on Saturday by striking her 39 times in the head with a piece of crown molding, then carved some kind of gothic signature into her back, the source said.

Now read that with a grain of salt. We all know how people unfamiliar with the goth scene mistakenly assume something is goth when it isn’t. But after seeing the kid I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

One student who knows Dyleski said the teenager was a typical kid until the eighth grade, when his personality and demeanor darkened noticeably.

I’m curious as to know why.

The motive for the killing appears to stem from a credit-card theft scheme allegedly carried out by Dyleski and another teenage friend, who has not been implicated in the killing, one source said on condition of anonymity.

Investigators believe Dyleski and his friend planned to start a marijuana-growing operation, with Dyleski in charge of raising money, one source said. Dyleski is believed to have stolen credit card bills from several mailboxes and used the cards to order supplies, the source said.

According to the article, sources are saying Dyleski will be tried as an adult. Instead of doing maybe two years in juvenile detention for fraud he could be looking at least life behind bars.

I’ll be posting more on Scott Dyleski as more details become available.

Nod to Steve Huff.

4 thoughts on “Scott Dyleski”

  1. “The killing was apparently related to a credit-card scam Dyleski had concocted with a friend to fund a marijuana-growing operation…”

    “…the boy had ordered equipment for the operation and mistakenly thought the supplies were delivered to Horowitz and Vitale’s home.”

    “The source said Dyleski went there Saturday to look for the equipment and had an altercation with Vitale.”

    (WTF!! He was pissed because his pot growing supplies hadn’t arrived and blamed it on the neighbors?!)


  2. From what I read in the PA Harrisburg Patriot, Dyleski thought his equipment had been mailed to Vitale’s address by mistake. Then went to get it and got into a confrontation with Vitale. The article also stated that she got in some pretty good hits in before going down, unfortunately not enough.


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