More on Scott Dyleski

Murder suspect described as bright, drifter:

Usually in cases of violent crimes involving teenagers I usually ask where were the parents. In the case of Scott Dyleski killing Pamela Vitale, we now know the answer…

The crowded home, shared by three families and recently, invaded by mice, is just down the one-lane rural road from the modular home where Vitale lived with her star-attorney husband, Daniel Horowitz, next to the palatial house they have been building.

Dyleski and his mother moved from Sebastopol to the Lafayette hills about six years ago and set up a lean-to on her friends’ property.

Dyleski slept on a thin mattress on pallets through his middle school years, until the landowners, Kim and Fred Curiel, built a house using ecological materials in 2002 and they all moved inside, Marcus said.

A family friend said the family is very tolerant and gave Dyleski space.

“They wanted to give him that freedom,” he said.

The words “hippy commune” leap immediately to mind. 16-year-olds shouldn’t have unlimited “freedom” as they say. It doesn’t matter how smart the kid may be. 16-year-olds need boundaries and guidance. It seems like to me that Dyleski was allowed to roam free without any fear of parental reprisal. Sounds like another case of the parent wanting to be a friend rather than a parent.

Yesterday I wondered how Dyleski went from a relatively normal kid to the dark and foreboding figure he has become…

Friends said Dyleski started to change about the time his father’s daughter, Denika Dyleski, and a 19-year-old boy were killed in a car crash while driving on Ygnacio Valley Road. A 17-year-old friend was driving too fast and flipped the car on a curve, hitting two other vehicles.

After that Dyleski started wearing dark clothing, entered a gothic, Marilyn Manson phase and stopped talking openly, Marcus said.

Why is it when anything “goth” makes the headlines the media automatically points to Marilyn Manson? While I’m no fan of Manson he’s not goth his music is considered industrial, but I digress. It’s obvious he was suffering from depression. Was any professional help sought out or did the commune try some new age approach considering Dyleski’s mom is “a long-distance healer who believes that DNA strands can be activated to alleviate disease”, whatever that means.

And as usual, a recurring theme rears its ugly head…

Everyone seems to agree that Scott stood out, and got picked on for being different.

And why you might ask?

Some students said Thursday they had long considered him “weird” or “creepy,” and not only for the black trench coat he wore nearly every day.

One remembers him coming to school one day in full face paint, dressed up as a sort of gothic clown with a top hat. The student also mentioned his dark personality, evidenced by charcoal drawings of “people with their mouths sewn shut and eyes with nails through them dripping blood.”

I’m all for the idea of individual expression but when you stick out so much you’re bound to invite trouble from the more ignorant parts of society.

What’s my point? My point is this. All the things I’ve mentioned above will be used as a defense when Scott Dyleski comes to trial. All these things will be used as an excuse. I’ll even go as far as to predict that there will be people who support him just because he’s different. None of that excuses what he did. Ultimately Scott Dyleski is responsible for his own actions and hopefully, a California jury will realize that.

18 thoughts on “More on Scott Dyleski”

  1. This is one weird, scarey dude. If they don’t try this idiot as an adult something is REALLY wrong…but it’s California so I won’t hold my breath.


  2. “One remembers him coming to school one day in full face paint, dressed up as a sort of gothic clown with a top hat. The student also mentioned his dark personality, evidenced by charcoal drawings of “people with their mouths sewn shut and eyes with nails through them dripping blood.”

    With the clown reference it sounds like he’s part of the group that follows ICP (Insane Clown Posse) and Bizzare (I think the followers call themselves Juggalos/Juggalets?) and the “mouths sewn shut” sounds like a little Rammstein thrown in (I’m probably spelling these wrong, but oh well).

    If he wasn’t a little murdering bastard I might have felt sorry for him..sad life. At the very least now though it looks like sleeping on those pallets should have gotten him good and prepared for a jail bed.


  3. With the reports of drawing and dancing around pentagrams, “reading from the book of Satan” and wearing finger armour, I’m a little doubtful of the ICP fandom theory, even though my knowledge on that band is very little. Nonetheless, I can’t help but lament the biased media coverage of the case. Yes, there is substantial evidence that he is guilty he will be tried as an adult, and for his crime I am hoping for the death penalty. But there is an overemphasis on “wearing gothic clothes and makeup” as quoted directly from live MSNBC television. I will grant them the analysis on his interest/activity in Satanism, but being 16 it was probably for shock value or attention, which it sounds like he was purposely seeking during his time in high school. Even so, for the despicable and abhorrid actions of one sick individual, I’m sad to say that hundreds upon hundreds of kids, teenagers, and probably even adults nationwide will be chided, ridiculed, and troubled greatly just because they wear this thing, or listen to that thing, or whatever else. It happened after Columbine, it happened after Red Lake, and it will now happen again with aplomb.


  4. You’re right… that explains so much.

    I almost feel bad for the kid. If he hadn’t murdered somebody, I would – growing up with at least one wacko for a parent. She is OUT THERE(tm).

    Pity they can’t hold her at least partially responsible for the way her kid turned out. Parents aren’t always responsible for their children’s actions, especially at 16, but there is no way this didn’t factor in.


  5. it’s interesting how everyone is ready to lynch the guy and he hasn’t had his day in court yet or any evidence presented against him. no fingerprints, no dna, no eyewitnesses.


  6. The police don’t need any evidence. He’s already guilty. It’s always that way when the “killer” doesn’t fit into the norm. And how many other kids will pay for the world’s ignorance?


  7. Yeah, I’m sure in the most high profile crime case in the country right now the police decided to pick up the first “goth” kid they could find without any evidence or anything. Nevermind that he was trying to wash the blood off of him and had wounds consistent with that of a violent struggle.


  8. Dude i dont know what the hell ya’ll are talking about
    i was one of scotts best friends
    ya’ll are talking aobut him like he is a piece of meat
    the kid has some serious problems mentally but all of you are
    unable to understand what his life was like. none of you understand what he went throgh at school
    i know he never made a great effort to conform to societys standards but that was him
    if anybody has questions about his life or past send me an e-mail
    scott i will always support you



  9. Ok People look,

    Scott was an odd kid who had his own opinions, but he was never violent, feel-threatened-for-your-life creepy… He was interesting and amiable to interact with, especially among friends. The only thing he might have done wrong here is murder – no one’s debating that – but to say that he was Satanic, or part of a cult, or that he was brooding, or even that he was living in a hippie commune, as well as other words/phrases I can’t specifically think of now, is quite offensive and just wrong. How the majority of the media is portraying him infuriates me so much I can barely stand it – reality is bad enough – particularly how they just use random quotes from people who don’t even know Scott and probably just wanted their names in the news…

    You may be wondering why and how I can say this. Your possible suspicions are right: I went to school with Scott Dyleski, know him, and call him my friend. I don’t understand why he would have done what he’s accused of doing, but the latter is true even if he is found guilty.

    Thank you for considering my perspective. I may be able to answer questions, if you have them, but no guarantees…


  10. The only thing he might have done wrong here is murder – no one’s debating that

    That’s so wrong on so many levels, I don’t know how to respond to it.

    but to say that he was Satanic, or part of a cult, or that he was brooding…

    No one here has said anything of the sort. The closest it’s gotten is Cecile mentioning MSNBC’s mention of it. I’d suggest you take it up with them, but the last thing they’re interested in is fair reporting. If you’d read the post, you’d notice that, like me, Trench is bothered by the fact that the media jumps all over the phrase ‘goth’, because apparently, sensationalism trumps good reporting.

    …or even that he was living in a hippie commune…

    That was a direct response to this line of the article: Dyleski slept on a thin mattress on pallets through his middle school years, until the landowners, Kim and Fred Curiel, built a house using ecological materials in 2002(…). Unfair? Maybe. It’s certainly not anything Scott had any control over. But it’s indicative of the type of environment he was raised in.

    How the majority of the media is portraying him infuriates me so much I can barely stand it(…)

    Can’t blame you on that one. I have no respect for mainstream media. Makes you wonder about the other people the media has portrayed in the past, doesn’t it?

    In the end, he killed someone. I’m sorry if he was your friend, and considering what I’ve seen about his mother I – almost – feel a little bad for him – at least in the sense that, in the environment he was living in, his sense of reality may have been a little skewed. Chances are you’re in a better position to judge that than I am. But there are consequences to his actions, and now he has to face them.

    Now. If you are his friend – (and you’ll have to forgive me for not taking that at face value, you’d be surprised how many people have made false claims of that nature in the past, here) – I do have a couple of questions.

    The first, there’s been mention of this lawyer doing pro-bono work for Scott in the past. I’m curious about this. What kind of trouble has Scott been in before?

    Second, have you ever met his mother? Judging from her website (which you can find a link to on this site, somewhere), she’s either a fraud or a crazy. It would be interesting to know which.

    Third, if he was, as you claim, never violent – what happened? People don’t go from zero to murder like that. Were there influencing substances involved? Was he provoked?

    I suspect that, even if you’re his friend, you might not have the answers to those questions, especially in light of his upcoming trial, but hey – I had to ask.


  11. This is what happens when you take GOD of schools……. I could go on forever….why didnt anyone reach out to this child? ?? Now look what has happened… this is how he communicates what he is feeling…he snapped, because there was too much building up….I could go on forever about this…but I wont. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!


  12. april, I don’t believe in God and I haven’t killed a single human being in my entire.

    Wake up you religious nutcases, it’s not a lack of God that drives people to kill.


  13. Greetings, fellow readers. I have read this article, as well as all of your comments, along with several other characterizations of this case however I personally find the majority of these comments, excluding around three at the most, to be utterly narrow-minded and despicable.

    In what I am about to say, I should inform you that I am not directing my words to anyone in particular, only everyone equally.

    Civilians everywhere, and certainly the media, have portrayed this young man solely as “another angry goth murderer”, nothing more, nothing less. That leads me to a this question: Murderers are everywhere, juveniles no less than adults, most of them don’t even belong to a said clique or culture. So why is it that one individual commits a single murder, however because he is a goth it has to be emphasized all over the news in everywhere? Frankly, if you want to be straight about it, thugs and even good people who became mixed up with the wrong crowd are the ones who will generally be found committing crime however you don’t hear about that all over the news.

    This reminds me of a quote: “One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic”. Is that not how it is with things such as murder? People involved in criminal organizations and street gangs are well-known to rape and murder left and right, and even serial killers when has there ever been a serial killer that belonged to a clique? And don’t say the Columbine shooters were goths, because they weren’t goth in the slightest. All they did was wear trench coats, and do allow me to firmly imply that wearing a trench coat does not make one goth.

    Now, allow me to be very straightforward with something. I am a goth myself. My personal details are not important here, however what I will tell you is that I am not a Satanist, if I am angered by something it is not because of the music I listen to or the form of literature I enjoy it is because I am human and anger is a natural emotion that lies within every human being. However, I am not Christian either, but I am not a violent delinquent, I have no intentions to harm innocents nor am I filled with rage or hate. Also, please stop bringing Marilyn Manson and NIN into everything stamped with the goth label. Marilyn Manson isn’t even gothic music, that is a metal band. Metal also is not gothic music, just for the record.

    This leads me to imply that today being goth is not about music, it isn’t even about the style anymore. While some goths will base their tastes around these things, not all are the same, and each have different personalities, lives, jobs, and opinions – even spouses and children, even grandchildren for goths are not limited to age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion.

    You wish to know what goth is then? It is simply this: Goths are a variety of like-minded individuals, not looking at others for what lies in sight of the naked eye, rather what lies within them. They are not trying to receive attention or pity, for a true goth does not care what others make of them they favor those who will not look at them when they dress differently from the average joe, those who are willing to approach them as a normal individual. They are not out to kill innocent people, they are not imbecilic teenagers who hate their parents and rebel against simple rules, and many do not even appear as you would presume (yes, you know, the “all black” get-up).

    However, I can’t say the same for the ones known as baby bats young teens trying to rebel, using the goth/punk image and listening metal to stand out or offend their parents. These are NOT goths, and should not be taken seriously. It is youths like these, as well as the Columbine shooters, who have been portrayed as goths in the past, therefore giving the whole name a distorted image.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, those of you who did.

    Best regards,


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