Eric Schorling rejects plea

High school stabbing suspect to fight charge:

In an act of either defiance or stupidity Eric Schorling, against the advice of his attorney, has opted to go to trial instead of pleading guilty to attempted murder in the stabbing of Nicole Lambert. Why is that a big deal? To refresh your memory Eric Schorling bragged to people that he was going to stab his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Lambert. He then stabbed Nicole in the back in the halls of Romeo High School barely missing her heart. He then bragged to people afterward that he stabbed Nicole. He had made a plea to serve six months but then nullified that plea by escaping from Macomb County Juvenile Justice Center and telling people that he was going to finish the job he started.

So instead of serving eight years on a guilty plea, he’s taking it to trial where he could end up serving life in prison. The thing is both families had agreed to the eight-year plea. According to the article assistant prosecutor Steven Kaplan said that he’s going to try to garner sympathy from a jury. What possible sympathy could he get? He said he was going to stab Nicole. Stabbed her in front of at least one witness, bragged about it, then tried to escape detention to finish the job. With any luck, the only sympathy he’ll find is in the dictionary and you know where that is don’t you? Between shit and syphilis.

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