Long-distance healing

The other day I briefly touched on Scott Dyleski’s upbringing and family life. I had speculated that it sounded like he lived on some kind of commune with few rules or boundaries. I also mentioned that local media were saying that Scott Dyleski’s mom was “a long-distance healer who believes that DNA strands can be activated to alleviate disease”. If you wondered what that means wonder no more. Steve Huff was kind enough to send me the link to Scott Dyleski’s mom’s commercial website. It may give somewhat of an insight into the family life of Scott Dyleski. Let me give you some choice quotes from the website…

Activating the ten latent strands of DNA opens the door to self-healing and self-actualization. Core beliefs can come from many sources. Statements that we heard as children can stay with us for years. You’re lazy, selfish, useless, a failure. Beliefs held by our parents, grandparents back seven generations. Women must be subservient, money is bad, being overweight is safer, non-threatening and people will like me better. Core beliefs can be changed on four levels; programs can be rewritten. Emotional Gene Replacement enables us to actually replace genes that hold fears we have not only developed in our lifetime but, inherited from our ancestors. Gene Replacement occurs both through the Core belief work as well as through separate replacement for eliminating inherited conditions or diseases.

Fears, blocks, programs, negative self-images can act as bars on a cage to keep us from fulfilling our full potential and living our dreams. Fears and blocks can numb our brain so that we can’t even see the bars. Negative programs can make us believe that we only deserve pain and illness, we aren’t worthy of health, joy, or love.

It doesn’t say how DNA activation is achieved but I wonder how they view the treatment of depression. I wonder if “long-distance healing” was used locally instead of legitimate professional help.

4 thoughts on “Long-distance healing”

  1. “Emotional Gene Replacement enables us to actually replace genes that hold fears we have not only developed in our lifetime but, inherited from our ancestors. ”

    WOW!!!! These people are cutting edge here. It sure does sound like a duck……QUACK!!!!!:roll:


  2. It’s hard to be willing to take advice of any kind from someone whose child is accused of such a horrid crime. Evidently all the DNA treatments failed to work- somehow I don’t think her son was “fulfilling full potential and living dreams”- unless his dreams where to be a deviant murder.


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