Scott Dyleski questions

I have some questions in regard to Scott Dyleski…

  1. For those of you who say I’m condemning Scott Dyleski because he’s “different” then why are you defending him just because he’s “different”?
  2. More than one angst-ridden teen killer that I’ve discussed (Esmie Tseng, Jeff Weise, etc.) have had LiveJournals. I know that there was a fake MySpace attributed to Scott Dyleski but I wonder if he had a LiveJournal. If anyone knows if he did please let me know. I wouldn’t mind the URL to the fake MySpace either.

18 thoughts on “Scott Dyleski questions”

  1. There’s more people defending him? 😯 Why?

    I haven’t heard anything that even suggests he might not have done it.

    I don’t give a shit if he was different. I don’t care if he wore pink makeup, diapers on his head, and travelled everywhere by pogo-stick. As long as he isn’t hurting anyone… knock yourself out.

    When you kill someone, that’s when I take notice. And not to defend.


  2. i dont care if he killed any1, hes 16 and shouldent have
    LIFE behind bars, 4 years in Juvi would be enough
    really i mean, hes still young and he has gone through alot
    like his sisters death and his parents divorce



  3. Uh…like wow Jackie…u r so kewl 2 think that. Does your mama believe in retro-active abortion?
    Please let me know soon…I will send her info on it…and you can discuss it…retro-active abortion would mean that poor Scott wouldn’t have any jail time,ya know.


  4. EXUSE ME!?&amp#&amp! 4 years is in juvi is enough.. Like Hell! I witnessed my nephew being killed because of something just as stupid as what Dyleski did. And I dont care if that person would have been 9, 19, 36, or 16. If someone kills someone they need life or their life taken from them….PERIOD.

    You punks seem to forget one important thing about murder: the victims of these acts do not ask to be shot, stabbed or beaten and then shoved 6 feet into the ground in a cement box.

    So grow the hell up, and God forbid you have to find out the hard way how losing someone close to you by murder feels.


  5. Trench,

    Why don’t we use the money for the Goreography donations to send these stupid kids to those sport camps that you so greatly admire for their after-hours activities.


  6. i dont care if he killed any1

    I do. I imagine the family of the person he killed does, too. I would even bet you’d be a bit more concerned if, say, he’d decided to kill you. All fun and games until your own life is in danger, and all that.

    hes 16 and shouldent have LIFE behind bars

    The person he killed SHOULD have life. He took that away. There are consequences. End of story.

    4 years in Juvi would be enough really i mean

    Hello? He didn’t rob a convenience store. He killed someone. Allow me to say it more slowly.

    He. KILLED. Someone. She’s gone. Forever. This isn’t a crime where you slap someone on the wrist and say ‘naughty’.

    hes still young and he has gone through alot like his sisters death and his parents divorce

    Boo hoo. I am sorry he lost a sister so young. I’m sorry his parents got divorced – mine did too, at about the same time in my life as his did. We all go through bad things in life. It’s called… life. We don’t all end up murderers. Having, um… life happen to you – as bad as it can sometimes be – is not justification for murder. ESPECIALLY the murder of someone who had not a goddamned thing to do with how bad his life may or may not have been.

    Allow me to repeat myself.

    Having shit happen does not justify murder!

    Did everyone take notes?


  7. In light of Jim’s absence…

    This message brought to you by T.O.A.S.T.

    (The Organization Against Stupid Trolls)

    Alyric, Vice President of T.O.A.S.T.



  8. Sorry everyone, although we all like to say that he killed someone, he still is a suspect. I feel the evidence points towards him and I agree he has some issues, but in all respect he hasn’t been convicted yet and is still innocent.


  9. Megan, I appreciate your input considering it was well thought out and well written. That’s not sarcasm either. While you are correct that he is only a suspect and ion a court of law he is innocent until proven guilty. However this is not a court of law. This is a website about my opinions. And in my opinion it sounds like he’s the killer. If something comes up in the meantime that changes my mind I will be the first to admit I was wrong.


  10. Jackie since you have already been spanked I have one piece of advice and you really should pay attention. The proper temperature to cook fries at is 375 degrees. Leave them in for at least four minutes or until golden brown. Got that cause you are going to need this knowledge.



  11. You certainly have a point, Megan, but like Trench said – these are our opinions. If we were on the jury, it would be wholly inappropriate… but we’re not. 🙂

    I haven’t seen any evidence that suggests he might be innocent – if he is, I’ll be the second (right after Trench) :mrgreen: to admit I’m wrong.

    And… lmao, Buddha Boy


  12. I don’t think that scott dyleski killed that lady as far as I know they dont know 100% if he
    did do it or not. I also read that he was only 5’5” 110lbs and this lady was like 5’11’ I think
    she could of defended her self against someone that small. I also think its wrong to give a 16
    year old life in prizon I know he might of killed someone but come on. I think he’s innocent
    tell proven guilty. But I could be wrong but whatever.:evil::evil::evil: .


  13. heh heh….16 years old is too old for life in prison? Naaaahh…want to act like an adult….pay the price like an adult. AND there is a correct statement…he has not been proven guilty. If he is….throw away the key….and I hear they like ’em young in prison. And at 5’5 and 110, he’ll look good in make-up and a dress. AND if you folks that are ready to forgive him even if he is guilty, you CAN do something to help….send him LOTS of KY Jelly or other lubricant. In the immortal words of Frank Zappa….”Look out Joe…here’s comes the big one.”:lol: Other appropraite Frank lyrics: “Keep it greasy so it’ll go down easy.” How about….”I can take about an hour on the tower of power…long as I gets a little golden shower.” :lol::lol:


  14. Oh my god.

    Oh my GOD.


    The mockery of the English language masquerading as shannon’s post made my eyes bleed.

    Bleed, I tell you. BLEED!

    I’d reply, but I don’t speak dumb-ese. And I don’t stoop to personal insults often so, y’know, take that as you will.




    *rolls his eyes*


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