Eric Schorling trial starts

Trial’s focus is teen’s intent in Romeo stabbing:

Eric Schorling’s trial started yesterday. He is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back at Romeo High School in Michigan. Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, is arguing that Schorling did not intend to kill Nicole…

“He never had intent to kill her,” Schorling’s attorney, Arthur Garton, told the jury. “We’re conceding great bodily harm. He did everything he could to avoid this. (But) he acted impulsively. He thinks like a kid. He acts like a kid. And he reacted like a kid.”

So let me get this straight. By plunging a kitchen knife in almost the dead center of her back meant he wasn’t trying to kill her? In what universe? Is this the best Mr. Garton could come up with? I hope they’re not paying him much. Let’s not forget that he escaped from juvenile detention in order to allegedly finish what he started. But I guess that was just to not kill her some more.

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