Pity the Nazi?

Victim called suspect ‘Nazi’:

This is more information on the trial of Eric Schorling who is accused of stabbing Nicole Lambert in the back in the halls of Romeo High School in Michigan.

This seriously can’t be the strategy the defense is using…

A girl who was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend inside Romeo High School had teased him by calling him a “Nazi” due to his swastika tattoo.

“You knew it bothered him, that’s why you called him a name, isn’t it?” said attorney Arthur Garton, who is representing Eric Schorling in his attempted-murder trial, to the victim, Nicole Lambert, on the stand in Macomb Circuit Court.

“Yes,” Lambert, 17, testified.

“(I) just teased him,” she replied to another question. “People knew he had a swastika tattoo.”

So we’re supposed to feel sorry for him because Nicole Lambert called him a Nazi when he has a swastika tattoo. If the jackboot fits.

First off if you do consider yourself a Nazi you’re one of the lowest forms of scum on the face of the planet and you deserve any and all abuse that you get. Secondly, it’s still no reason to plunge a knife into the back of a girl you dated.

Eric Schorling is obviously a dangerous and deranged individual and needs to be put away for the longest time before he hurts somebody else. And here’s why…

A male Romeo High student said he saw Schorling “rapidly” move past him in the hallway and said, “Dude, I just f—— stabbed Nicole. I f—— stabbed Nicole. I stabbed her. I gotta go. I gotta get out of here.”

If this jury doesn’t find Schorling guilty of attempted murder then they’re f—— stupid.

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