Taber shooter in same type of facility he escaped from

Taber killer back in T.O.:

The Taber, Alberta school shooter is back in an open-custody facility in the Toronto, Ontario area. The shooter who is unnamed by the Canadian media, but we know as Todd Cameron Smith, previously escaped from such a facility back in August. He was allowed to go to a halfway house even though Canadian authorities still believed he posed a threat to the public. At that time of his escape, Smith vowed that he would not be taken alive. Luckily he was recaptured without incident. So what do Canadian authorities do? Put him back in the same kind of facility he escaped from before. Was there no additional punishment at all for his first escape? Oh, I’m sorry, he received a suspended sentence for his escape or as they call it being unlawfully at large. What would they have done if he killed someone while he was unlawfully at large? If Canadian authorities still believe that he poses a threat to the public then he needs to be put in a secure facility.

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