Bartley’s parents removed him from help program

Parents of alleged Campbell County shooter sought help:

This is an article I briefly touched on Friday. It’s about the school for troubled kids that Ken Bartley’s parents placed him in when he was 12. It’s called the Kingswood School and it’s a private Christian home that is funded purely on donations. Ken Bartley was there for a year and a half. The article doesn’t say why he was there but it states that counselors were teaching him how to handle problems like drugs and alcohol. But administrators said that Bartley was not doing well enough to go home when his parents removed him from the school…

Helton says parents initially agree that therapists will decide when a child is ready to go home.

“They thought he was ready to leave and we did not,” Helton said. “So he did leave against our recommendations because we felt he had not completed our program.”

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