Dr. Broom Fallout

McGill receives sanctions for hazing incident:

McGill University, the Canadian university that is home to the hazing ritual known as Dr. Broom, has had the hammer dropped on them by the Quebec Student Sport Federation in wake of the aforementioned Dr, Broom hazing scandal. To refresh your memory about the good doctor…

An 18-year-old rookie alleged he was sexually assaulted with a broomstick by a veteran player while others looked on and cheered. The rookie filed a complaint and left the university shortly afterwards.

Anyway, Mcgill has been fined $30,000, its team has been banned from having any home games televised in 2006 or 2007, they’ve been banned from hosting a Quebec conference playoff game in 2006, and the team will be on probation for a year.

I don’t know how McGill ranks within Canadian college football programs but if this were to happen in the states the NCAA would probably not even bat an eyelash.

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