Richard Edgar Henderson Jr.

Family bludgeoned to death:

Earlier today I read the story of Richard Edgar Harrison Jr., the 20-year-old accused of bludgeoning his family to death on Thanksgiving. If you haven’t heard the story yet here are the details…

Police say Henderson told them he killed his 11-year-old brother Jake first in a bedroom.

Then he went to his 82-year-old grandmother’s bedroom, asked her to fetch something from a drawer and killed her.

He lured his father, Richard, 48, into the living room to play video games, and killed him there before beating his mother, Jeaneane, 42, as she sat playing poker on a computer in her bedroom.

“Henderson said he put the pipe in his bedroom, took a shower, wrote a note and spent the rest of the night lying in his parents’ bed staring at the ceiling,” a detective’s report said.

“Henderson said that he killed his family because they wouldn’t let him leave.

“He said that he was not angry at his family and that after he had hit his brother, he had to kill everyone.

“Henderson planned to collect money to buy enough drugs or poison to kill himself,” according to the report.

Henderson was arrested on Sunday night walking along a busy road and charged with murder.

But here’s the part that caught my attention…

In 2001, Henderson was part of a Columbine-style murder-suicide plan that was to have taken place at a local high school but was foiled by police, sheriff’s officials said.

Henderson, who was 16 at the time, was among four to six students involved in the plot, and was arrested on concealed weapons charges.

I couldn’t find anything else on the web about this without knowing the name of the school. And since Henderson was a minor at the time I doubt his name would have been mentioned in the press. If anyone has any information about this alleged plot from back in 2001 please let me know.

In the meantime maybe they’ll start dealing out harsher sentences for would be school shooters in order to avoid another situation like this.

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