Quartz Hill suspects plead not guilty

Columbine-Style Massacre Planned:

The two teenage suspects who were arrested for planning an attack against their school appeared in court today. Guess what they pleaded. That’s right. Not guilty. One of the kids confessed and they found bomb-making materials in one of the kid’s house and they pleaded not guilty. I get the feeling hilarity is going to ensue from the defense attorney.

Their next court appearance will be at the beginning of January to see whether or not they should be tried as adults. I think you already know my opinion the matter. Considering they were planning to commit mass murder than kill themselves I think it’s obvious that they should be tried as adults. They’re charged with conspiracy to commit murder not conspiracy to egg someone’s house. You plan to do a big boy crime you should plan to do big boy time.

And for those of you who say these kids need “help” and not prison, would you still be saying that if it was your daughter they planned to dismember?

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