Survey Says II

Sheriff asks families whether to release Columbine tapes:

Sheriff Ted Mink of Jefferson County Sheriffs department is still dragging his feet on releasing the tapes and journals made my Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. He’s still surveying the victims’ families to see if the material should be released. Old news right? Well, the article had two interesting facts that caught my eye…

Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jacki Kelley said Wednesday Sheriff Ted Mink wanted to hear from the families before deciding. She said no decision has been made and that Mink would likely wait until after the seventh anniversary of the shootings next month to announce his plans.

Mink has not said whether the parents and victims will have the final word.

So he’s not going to announce his decision until after April 20th and that the victims and their families will NOT have the final word. Then what is the point of surveying the victims and their families? If he doesn’t release the tapes he will be committing political suicide. Is there really any other option than releasing the tapes?

3 thoughts on “Survey Says II”

  1. This whole thing reminds me A LOT of a recurring thing at my household:

    Wife: Where do you want to eat, Good Hue’s or Rockfish?
    Me: Let’s go to Good Hue’s. They have a great bar with lot’s of good tap beer.
    Wife: Nahhhhh, we’re going to Rockfish, I like the menu better.
    Me: WTF!!!??? Why did you even ask me then?

    Yep…a lot like that.


  2. “Is there really any other option than releasing the tapes?”

    Yes. He could still decide NOT to release the tapes for reasons involving covering up something that could incriminate the police. By surveying others opinions, all he is doing is stalling for time


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