Center Grove High School Threat

4 students held in alleged plot to seize school:

Four 15-year-old students from Center Grove High School in Greenwood, Indiana were arrested yesterday for planning to take over their school with guns. They were turned in by another student who overheard their conversation. At least one of the students had access to guns although no weapons were found at the school. The Motive? The usual…

“These kids were mad at student-athletes for making fun of them,” the sheriff said. “That’s one of the motives that has surfaced.

“They were considering a hostage situation and taking over the entire school.”

Investigators thought the threat was credible, McLaughlin said. The students may have been planning to seek ransom, he said.

It sounds like “The Myth” has spread once more like the cancer it is. Not bullied. Not threatened. Not beaten. They were made fun of. They were going to hold the school hostage because some meatheads made fun of them. How arrogant and selfish can you get? So now because you were teased by a bunch of guys whose combined IQ probably couldn’t equal room temperature you’ve thrown your life away. Way to let them win dumbasses.

One thought on “Center Grove High School Threat”

  1. When are these kids gonna learn? Listen up kiddies…the jocks make fun of you in High School…THEY get the head cheerleader…whoopie. You on the other hand, are a geek and a nerd. You couldn’t get a date with anyone except the girl who plays 4th chair flute. Don’t SWEAT IT!!! Why? Because in 6 years, YOUR little geek nerd ass is going to be making money (nerds usually do) and in the process, stop becoming a geek. After high school, the girls don’t care about the jocks…they want the guys that are going to make money….that would be you…not the jocks. So let the jocks swat each other’s butts and have their homo-erotic hazings and just go your on way confident that in a few years, YOU will be the one in the backseat with the home coming queen. Just a little friendly advice from papa Zappa 😉

    So please don’t go shooting anyone or threatening to shoot someone. Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. But if you shoot somebody over it…you’ll never get the chance to show up at the ten year reunion and laught at the quarterback who is 60 lbs over-weight married to the fat chick with 6 kids.


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