Burned his girlfriend alive

Police: Teen Burned Alive Over Pregnancy:

A 20-year-old man in Ocoee, Fla., was charged with murder after he confessed to pouring gasoline over his ex-girlfriend and then setting her on fire because she may have been pregnant, police told Local 6 News.

Winter Garden police officers investigating a report of a car fire noticed a small fire on the east side of County Road 545 on Feb. 25.

When officers extinguished the flames, they found the body of Amelia Sookdeo, 17, burned beyond recognition.

An investigation into the homicide led to Sookdeo’s ex-boyfriend, Dane Abdool, 20, who at first denied any involvement in the crime, according to the report.

However, when police confronted him with inconsistencies in his story and presented a set of tire marks from his car photographed at the scene, Abdool confessed to the crime, Local 6 News reported.

“He admitted that he had met his former girlfriend that night, she sneaked out and he picked her up and went to his apartment in Ocoee,” Winter Garden Police Chief George Brennan said. “From there they left and had an argument and he took her down County Road 545, forced her out of the car. He poured gasoline on her and ignited it.”

Abdool told police that he was arguing with Sookdeo over her possible pregnancy and he was just trying to scare her, Local 6 News reported.

Here’s the twist…

“The medical examiner found no evidence that she was having a baby,” Local 6 reporter Mike DeForest said.

Way to go you scumbag. You killed your own girlfriend in one of the most brutal ways possible over something that is supposed to be so beautiful like bringing a new life into the world and she wasn’t even pregnant. I hope the fires of hell burn a million times hotter for you once you get there.

My prayers and condolences go out to the Sookdeo family.

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