Dumped boyfriend uses MySpace for revenge

Former Boyfriend Seeks Revenge On MySpace.com:

(CBS) CLIFTON Police say Neftali Soto sent “intimate photos” of his ex-girlfriend to students at the Christopher Columbus Middle School in Clifton, NJ where she’s a teacher.

They say the 26-year-old did it by setting up a sham account on MySpace.Com, pretending to be the teacher.

“They were intimate photos they took on vacation, the kind lovers would take in this digital age,” said Joseph Del Russo, Passaic County’s Assistant Prosecutor.

Authorities say Soto stole the photos from his ex’s computer because he was angry over their breakup.

Then, according to investigators, he used MySpace’s search engine to identify students at the school.

“When a mom found out, she forwarded the pictures to her own account and she was able to freeze time.” Del Russo said.

That’s how investigators say they were able to link the photos to Soto’s computer.

MySpace had the usual non-answer…

When asked for comment about this story, MySpace.Com said they have all kinds of safety nets to make sure inappropriate material doesn’t make it on the site.

Apparently, their safety net has Buick sized holes in it.

5 thoughts on “Dumped boyfriend uses MySpace for revenge”

  1. this was the person who destroyed my life sending these pictures to my students…..He is still enjoying his life with no worries….
    when Am I going to get justice?


  2. this guy was a pervert who had intercourse with MINORS…he was with this beautifull teacher who was far more than he could have ever gotten, and since she left him he wanted to get back at her…he should go to jail.


  3. You must have cheated on him. If you did then you deserve it!!

    Nothing like exposing a cheater for the world to see. It helps them become humble again.

    In fact I’m tempted to do the same right now to my piece of shit ex.


  4. I hope that he was arrested and charged with showing pornography to children. And on the scale that he did it sending it to dozens or hundreds of children, he should be locked up for this crime. This is a sick pathetic little child that did this to the woman.
    I bet he even edited the photos to make that 2 inches of his look bigger then it really is! hahaha


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