Klebold’s car back on the auction block

Columbine killer’s car back on the market:

The assclown who was trying to sell Dylan Klebold’s BMW on eBay has now set up an auction site just to sell the car…

A man who responded to a Rocky Mountain News inquiry to the seller’s Web site said he and a friend are selling the vehicle, but that they never intended to make money “off the victims or their families.”

“It’s just trying to make the most of it and get rid of it,” said the caller, who declined to give his name.

He said his friend had bought the car and “doesn’t want to just trash it. . . . So we want to try and recoup those costs, and if we make a few bucks on top of it, so be it.”

So if you’re not trying to make money off the victims or not trying to trivialize Columbine then why are you advertising it as Dylan Klebold’s car?

I’m not going to go on a long rant about this. I just have some advice for the guys trying to sell the car. Keep the money you paid for the car. If you make any profit I would suggest donating it to charity because karma can be a bitch, as they say.

If I had the money I’d buy it myself so I could trash it and send it to the pits of hell to be reunited with its owner.

12 thoughts on “Klebold’s car back on the auction block”

  1. Personally the best thing they could do is maybe charge people to take a few swings at it with a sledge hammer. Then donate the proceeds to a charity. This way, the car will no longer be in circulation so to speak and a small amount of good can come from it.


  2. I would actually send a few bucks to have the “owners” swing a hammer at it. It would be nice if they did the right thing. Karma,indeed ,can be a bitch.


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  4. Would you want to buy Ed Gein’s house knowing it once belonged to a guy that hung a decapitated corpse from the rafters and made lamp shades out of the locals? Pretty sure you’d rather know the history of the item you were about to purchase…That being said, someone else might still go for it for whatever freaky reason. It seems that a fool and his money are soon to be parted.


  5. well no one died in that car the car does have a nice history which can be used to brag about.besides trench you cant honestly tell me that you wouldnt sell that car trying to make a profit can u.


  6. To any who care….Dylan Klebold’s car has been sold to a couple in the US to be used in a movie about the Columbine incident. To some of your dismay, it will not be destroyed. However, if you would still like to continue your hatred for an automobile based solely on the fact of who the former owner is, I’m pretty sure that Hitler’s car is still sitting in a museum.


  7. It’s not the hatred of the vehicle, it’s the fact that the noteriety of the vehicle was used as a selling point to cash in on a tragedy.


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