Sex Assault charges in Rhode Island

Man Charged With Sex Assault Of 12-Year-Old:

WESTERLY, R.I. — A 26-year-old Westerly man has been charged with having a sexual relationship with a 12-year-old girl.

Police said Alexander Manso met the girl on line, possibly either on or

Police arrested him in a sting operation, after allegedly finding he had text-messaged the girl on her cell phone.

He’s being held at the ACI on two counts of first-degree sexual assault.

Police said Manso might have thought the girl was 16 years old.

“So thought she was 16” is the best he could come up with? Granted the age of consent in RI is 16. However just because something is legal doesn’t make it right.

I was unable to find his profile.

4 thoughts on “Sex Assault charges in Rhode Island”

  1. There’s no profile because he never been on Myspace or Zorpia. He never met her online. That’s false information if you say you got that from the police.


    1. Not sure who u are or why you feel this is false but as me personally knowing this man and being around during the time of events I have to say your statement is actually false. The events that took place with Alexander and that girl are true regardless how he may have contacted her. And yes, he was aware she was under aged.


  2. This is actually true. Regardless of where he met her he had a sexual relationship with this girl knowing she was well under aged.


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