John Krieser

Teenage Victim’s Father Speaks Out about Daughter Being Solicited Online:

This one is so wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin…

An FBI investigation led to the arrest of a Wisconsin man accused of having a relationship with a West Texas teenager, who is a minor. Thirty-nine year-old John Krieser was arrested in his home in Cudahy, Wisconsin, he’s now charged with sexual assault. NewsChannel 11’s Kealey McIntire spoke with the victim’s father and has more.

Raymond Stapleton says he knew his daughter was talking online with John Krieser for almost a year and a half, however he didn’t know until two months ago that Krieser was 39. Krieser’s MySpace profile doesn’t even give his age, it says he’s 99-years-old.

Stapleton says he’s heard of teenagers being solicited online in the past, however he never thought it would happen to his daughter.

It all started in a seemingly innocent way, two people chatting online. However, Raymond Stapleton says what would happen over the next several months are shocking. “I was one of those parents– all my life I said this will never happen to my child,” commented Stapleton.

His daughter was 15-year’s-old when she started chatting with John Krieser on MySpace. One of Krieser’s profiles says he’s 23.

Stapleton knew his daughter had chatted online with Krieser and had occasional phone conversations with him, however didn’t learn until January that Krieser’s true age is 39, and that Krieser traveled from his home in Wisconsin to Abernathy to visit his daughter. That’s when Stapleton called police. “When I found out he was here, within feet of my home taking my daughter in his van to who knows where, then I said no, something’s gotta be done about this.”

The Texas Rangers report states “Krieser stayed with the teen for two nights during the first visit and for three nights during the second visit in August 2005.”

Both times they stayed at the Motel Six near Interstate-27 in Lubbock. Also according to the report, the teen said “she had sex with Krieser one time at the motel. She stated the sex was consensual. She said she was 15 at the time.”

The report also documents the precautions Stapleton took. It states “the teen had been cautioned about online contact with older men in the past.” It also says “cordless phones were removed from the Stapleton residence to prevent the teen from talking to Krieser.”

Stapleton tells us he used many internet safety tools, but nothing worked. He says the best advice he can give to other parents is always know who your kids are chatting with. “You don’t want to be a buddy or pal all the time, but you do need to be a friend when it comes to something like this. You do need to know what they’re doing, you do need to look in there.”

Stapleton says he began noticing questionable behavior when his daughter wanted to spend more time online than with family or friends. He says another way you can help fight internet predators is to keep your computer in a more used family room, not in your child’s bedroom.

And of course, we have MySpace profile goodness. Thanks to the ever reliable Mr. A we have one of Krieser’s MySpace profiles here. Why does a 39-year-old man have such an obsession with rubber duckies? Anyway, we’ll have more MySpace profile goodness on Krieser from Mr. A later on tonight.

13 thoughts on “John Krieser”

  1. Gah!! The kid talked to this perv for a year and a half and then came to visit — twice, no less! — before her father *did* anything about it? WTF?!?

    Funny how the notes in the song “Won’t Happen to Me” quickly turn flat when it *does* happen to you.

    I also disagree with Mr. Stapleton when he says you need to be your kid’s friend when it comes to “something like this”. No, you *don’t* need to be your kids’ friend — you need to be their *parent*. Huge difference.

    You’re right, Trench, this is sooo wrong on so many levels.

    Sorry bout the mini rant, I’m in a mood today.


  2. I bet you all dont know any of the facts that happened.. did you ever think that the girl had told john that her father beats her and that he locks her up… so therefore i doubt john went to have sex with her i believe he went to try to save her.. she may have been lieing to john about the whole abuse thing but from what i know of john he wouldnt go there just to have sex… he cared enough for her that when she said that he went to try and get her to give her a better life… you guys can say what you wanna say but unlike all the strange assholes around this world i believe in john. and as for john liking ducks so much it called a hobbie dumb asses… if he wants to collect them then he can you have no right making rude comments about it… the people who have this site going and make retarded comments like that should really shut up!!! FROM AN ANGRY WOMAN


  3. So you don’t find it the least bit creepy that a huge majority of the people on his friends list are teenage girls? At least one that he’s taken risque photos of and another where he left the comment “kisses all over your body”?

    For a 39-year-old man that’s kind of sick.


  4. no i dont find it a bit creepy…. i mean damn… if the girl was willing to have those photos done then its her fault as well… you dont see people bitching about actual photographers taking pics… and as for the comments…. it may not even mean anything b/c we all joke around and make silly comments….and correct me if i’m wrong but the girl he made that comment to isn’t she at least 18 if not older…. john is just like me when it comes to myspace if someone sends him an add request then he accepts it… just b/c theyre on your friend list doesnt mena that you have to talk to them.. we mainly just accept the add request so it shows that we have alot of friends and that people like how our pages are.


  5. well maybe if you would pull your damn head out of your ass you would actually realize whats going on in the world and how young girls will lie to men on the net just so they can get attention… all i’m saying is it takes two to tangle so if john is getting in trouble i think the girl should too regurdless if shes the “victim” because if you look at it right johns also a vicim in all this… just because hes an older man doesnt mean shit… and yes i know what your thinking… i have a big mouth well hell yes i do… when i feel something isnt right in this piece of shit world i speak my mind and i dont care whom i speak to about it… im sorry but thats the way i am… and i’ll tell you something else if i could i would go to johns trial and defend him… then you would really have something to write about.. instead of being a idiot and writing down lame shit!!! if the girls are 18 or older then it doesnt matter and i believe he only has 2 thats are under 18 which is the girl hes sitting in jail over and another one that im friends with… its the net for crying out loud… just about everyone lies about shit…. theres only a few of us that speak the truth… oh here’s an idea… how about you write about me… on how im a big mouth bitch thats looking to screw you over on all the lame remarks your making about this whole situation


  6. My question is where were her parents when she apparently stayed in the motel with him for these nights didnt they notice she wasnt home?? sounds to me like John got conned too


  7. none of yall even know wat yall are talking about. john krieser is a horrable person who deserved what he got the girls father never locked her up or beat her and the reason i know that is because i am the brother of the victum.
    yes my sister did consent to having sex with him but the one who is in fault is him because he was the one who payed for the motel HE was the one who filled her head with all the thoughts that they could be together forever and even from jail he is still some how sending my sister letters saying that they will be together some day yes my sister made some really bad choices by doing wat she did but she was young and depressed and she regrets ever talking to him and i think any person that is willing to stand by a pedofile and say he wasnt in the wrong is a sorry excuse for a human being and the main one im talking to is spanky who said he would defend the pedofile.
    and the reasons my parents diddnt know about her going to the motel is because she told us that she was going to stay the night at a friends and we knew the friend that she was staying with and we confermed her staying with them but she must have snuck out and gone to meet him
    but my main reason for posting this is to say we have laws for a reason and the reason its illigal to have sex with a minor is because when your young your head is so mixed up that you think you may want to have sex at that time but when you grow up and have your head straight you realize what you wanted as a kid is not what you want now and that is exactly what happend to my sister now she has a great husband and a beautiful daughter and whenever she gets letters from john she is terified of what he says because all she wants to do is forget.


  8. Spanky – I agree that the teenagers have some responsibility here – for chatting online with an older man….but the adult male is the one who is totally responsible for his behavior.

    Under NO circumstances, is an adult to touch or have any sexual contact with an underage person.

    If unsure, do not touch.

    It is that simple.

    If some one is in need of rescuing, that is not your responsibility. Steer them to services in the neighborhood for families in need, or people in need.

    This man is disgusting…obviously, he is directed by the head between his legs.

    August Stapleton – good for you. You have understanding beyond your years. Keep supporting your sister because she will need you there.

    It is wrong for teenage girls to meet men online – and they should be educated about that and all the dangers, in school, church, where ever and when ever they can be. Parents need help with this. The parents do have responsibility – but it sounds like the Dad tried, he was nieve. As so many parents are when it comes to the internet.

    When my daughter was 15, a young boy (17 or 18) she was talking with from another town over 200 miles away, wanted to visit. I insister on speaking with this kids parents, and in the end, told my daughter no.

    The kid arrived one night anyway – my daughter told me he was there to visit one of her friends. Yeah, right. Needless to say, I told her he could not stay with us, and that he should go home. She assured me he would.

    You want to give your kids some room to make the right decision, if they don’t, then you do take measures into your own hands. She had already stretched the boundary by telling him to come – but of course, she said he came anyway to visit.

    Later that night, I awoke and went downstairs, and found a window open in the dining room. ALLOWING THIS GUY ENTRY!!! Or, allowing my daughter an exit.

    Obviously, she did not go out, and he was told he had to leave.

    In any case, kids do stupid things sometimes. I did speak with the dad of this kid, but my instincts told me something was off (ya think) so I told my daughter no – and look what happened.

    This was over 10 years ago…before we really started learning and hearing about the evils that enter our houses – evil that promises anything – in the form of a computer.

    As it turned out, this kid was not a bad kid, supposedly, and was there to ‘party’ with friends…at least that is how my daughter still tells it.


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