Rape and Theft in Colorado

MySpace.com Used to Find Suspects in Rape, Theft:

(CBS4) BOULDER, Colo. Boulder sheriff’s detectives used a website popular among teenagers to identify six men suspected of stealing $40,000 worth of items from a home, and raping the girl who invited them over.

Some of the men were “virtual friends” of the victim, detectives said.

She met the suspects through a website called myspace.com, detectives said. The same site that led investigators to them.

The suspects face charges ranging from sexual assault to felony theft in connection with a party at the girls house last month.

Six suspects were arrested, and a seventh suspect, Joshua Leighton, is still on the loose.

Detective Ali Bartley with the sheriff’s office said the victim only knew the first names of most of the young men, but all of them have profiles on myspace.com that include pictures.

The victim was able to identify them as the young men who attended the party.

Bartley said one of the men, Nicolas Brinson, raped the victim while the others went on a rampage through the home.

“There was blood in almost every room of the house,” Bartley said. “There were broken pictures and statues and they stole all of the stereo equipment in the house.”

The MySpace profile of the accused rapist, Nicolas Brinson, can be found here.

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