Alleged Florida rape arranged through MySpace

Man Accused Of Using MySpace To Meet, Rape Teen:

SATELLITE BEACH, Fla. — A Brevard County man is accused of using the popular website, MySpace, to meet a 13-year-old girl and then allegedly rape her.

Christopher Dowgialo, 20, was arrested Monday. Investigators say Dowgialo met the 13-year-old girl last year on and began talking with her in an unregulated chat room. When they realized they both lived in Satellite Beach, they decided to meet.

The girl told police Dowgialo brought her to an alcohol and marijuana filled party at The Brittany apartment complex in June 2005. After the party, the two went for a walk on the beach.

“She said, ‘I just want to talk with you’ and obviously he had other intentions,” said Satellite Beach Police Commander Jeff Pearsons.

The victim told police this January that Dowgialo raped her. Dowgialo doesn’t deny bringing the 13-year-old girl to the beach. However, he denies raping her.

Dowgialo could face life in prison for the alleged rape.

Granted this allegedly happened almost a year ago but it should serve as a warning to parents to monitor who their children are talking with online.

I have been unable to find Dowgialo’s MySpace at this time. Since the crime allegedly happened a year ago it may have been since deleted.

UPDATE: Mr. A comes through again. Here is Dowgialo’s MySpace.

3 thoughts on “Alleged Florida rape arranged through MySpace”

  1. Why the hell should the onus be put on the parents to monitor their children’s use of the internet??? This should be nothing but a message to society that we need harsher punishments for rape and sexual assault and that we need to stop socializing our boys and girls in ways that result in a “rape culture.” Unfortunately, the sad reality is that society DOES tolerate rape and, moreover, perpetuates it.


  2. While I agree there should be harsher punishments for rape if the parents would monitor their children’s activities online then a lot of these assaults could have been prevented.


  3. Coming from someone who has been raped when i was 13 the internet isnt how most rapes occur its usual someone the victim knows i have very strict parents and it still happened to me. so no it wont be prevented from watching what we do on the internet. If sick people that do that crap would get locked up and not let out on probation or anything that might help nothing happened to the guy that raped me! there needs to be stricter guidelines


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