California MySpace rape

Man Allegedly Rapes Teen After Meeting On Myspace.Com:

CrimeFighters are investigating the alleged sexual assault of an Oceanside teenager. The victim apparently met her attacker on the popular website

Nineteen-year-old Luis Alvarado was arrested in Hollywood and booked into the Vista Detention Facility.

Police say Alvarado drove to Oceanside last month to meet the 13-year-old victim, after they’d met on the website.

Could this be his MySpace profile? If not the guy on it is a dead ringer. If it is him it makes this blog entry even more disturbing…

hmm i’m thinking i may be more in love with the idea of being in love than i actually am in love with anyone i may say it to. i mean i feel something in me towards those individuals. the idea is what gets to me and is something i want, guessing that’s what helps my writing and so forth. how must it feel though? i’m too young to truly understand its nature but i know once in a while i am hinted towards what it may be, but then I’m left with a yearning for it wanting it more and more, then there’s just this cold bitter feeling that it has escaped me. must find it i suppose. I figuere it’s this enormous feeling that is overwhelming and may choke me as a whole with its deepening caresses but it feels far and distant, but it’s warmth is there drawing me in. help me in my search, thiis i bid of you. ok?

Rape does not equal love.

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