Police search Michelle Dohm’s house

Police search accused Thurmont teacher’s home:

It’s been a while since we talked about the case of Michelle Dohm. She is the teacher from Maryland who is accused of stalking and threatening students. On Friday local police searched her house…

Members of the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office on Friday afternoon searched the home of Michelle Dohm, a Thurmont school teacher accused of stalking students and making bomb threats in fall 2005.

Police were looking for handwriting samples, according to Cpl. Jennifer Bailey. Officers with a search and seizure warrant began searching Ms. Dohm’s home, at 2 Furnace Court, about noon, said Frederick County State’s Attorney Scott Rolle.

“We felt we needed the (handwriting samples) for comparative purposes,” Mr. Rolle said.

Although Mr. Rolle could not comment on what was taken, he said all the information police obtained would be shared with Ms. Dohm’s defense lawyer.

It seems that there have been further shenanigans in this case…

At the same time as police were searching Ms. Dohm’s house, the Thurmont Police Department investigated a suspicious envelope mailed to a residence at Emmitsburg Road, about two miles away.

Thurmont Police Chief Greg Eyler said he could not reveal what the letter inside the envelope said. However, the letter did have certain similarities to the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly left for students last fall.

One of the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly wrote stated, “Tick tock, tick tock. Is it as bomb or is it a clock. You ignored the note on the van. Now I will carry out my plan.”

“The occupant received an envelope that seemed suspicious,” Chief Eyler said. “It was heavy on the hand.”

Thurmont Officer First Class Christopher McLoughlin responded to Emmitsburg Road and called in the bomb squad, Chief Eyler said. A deputy from the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office also responded.

The envelope, postmarked April 20 and sent from Thurmont, was taken apart, and nothing was found, Chief Eyler said.

“Everything is OK,” he said.

The letter is being compared to the letters Ms. Dohm allegedly sent and being sent to a laboratory for further review, Chief Eyler said.

This is the strangest case I’ve ever covered. It’s like watching a bad made for TV movie.

12 thoughts on “Police search Michelle Dohm’s house”

  1. In answer to Jim’s question no she wasn’t being bullied. They believe it all revolves around her kids and baseball. Yes sounds crazy doesn’t it. Well in Thurmont sports are a big deal and it seems that everyone is related to everyone else or has known each other forever. Therefore unless you are new to the area there has to be a serious reason your kid doesn’t make a team. She is a very controlling person and thinks her sh*t don’t stink. I hope they nail her a** to the wall, but I do feel sorry for her kids.


  2. Its still confusing, but I guess it would help to know more about how sports rule a city enough to cause a woman to do such things… i missed out on that kind of life. 😆


  3. Ok do you remember years ago that mom in Texas that wanted her daughter on the cheerleading squad so badly she tried to have the competition killed off? Well imagine that and add controlling, domineering BITCH to it and you got Michelle Dohm.


  4. Susan-you sound like you have a personal issue with Ms. Dohm! I’d even go so far as to say an “obsession”. Geez…maybe it is YOU. Maybe you are setting her up to take the fall? Personal vendetta and all of that? You’d make a mean enemy. Maybe Thurmont should look out for you.


  5. Actually I moved from Thurmont before this crap even happened. Secondly yes I have personal issues with Michelle Dohm. She and I never got along and I guess that just shows I can tell when a person isn’t honorable. She was my sons teacher a few years ago and picked on him for issues she had with me. That being said the people I feel sorry for are the kids and their families that personally got these threatening notes, the students at the school who were scared to even enter their own school, and her kids, who are innocent victims in an already cruel world. So, if this in your opinion makes me an evil person than so be it, but I do now and always will defend children. Something she swore to do by becoming a teacher, boy scout leader and mother.


  6. A frederick news paper recently printed an article that quoted deputy state’s attorney Charlie Smith in court. “residents of thurmont are in fear…bomb dogs are being called to houses. people are requesting drive-bys by police to check their property.” makes one think dohm must be a pretty scary person. however, a neighbor wrote an editorial which stated how unfair it was to paint her town as so scary and that dohm was a kind and thoughtful person. Thurmont’s local paper had this to say:

    Residents not living in fear:

    People playing… another neighbor states she isn’t afraid of dohm…the mayor says Smith severly exaggerated…chief of police in thurmont states that they haven’t received ANY requests for drive bys…Smith corrected his statement about multiple calls for bomb dogs to say it was just one call…the article ended with Smith admitting his portrayal of a community living in fear wasn’t right.

    how can this lady get a fair trial if the prosecution goes so far as to LIE in a courtroom to a judge?


  7. My children were students of Michelle Dohm’s. My daughter had her two years ago, and was in 8th grade when all this crap went down this past school year. We moved away from Thurmont this past winter, not long after this happened, but I can tell you that one reason sports can be so important is that Thurmont is a tiny little town with one stoplight and one light that blinks after 10. It’s up in the mountains and there’s NOTHING else up there for youth to do. My son was caught up in the baseball crap for several years and finally he said “Mom, I don’t want to play anymore, because they took the fun out of it.” It became political. If your kid wasn’t on certain teams, you were a “nobody”. Michelle Dohm would *NEVER* allow anyone to treat her kid like a nobody. She is the most competitive person I have EVER met in my life. As a teacher, she demanded perfection from her students, and when they couldn’t be perfect, she came down on them — HARD!:!: I had calls home about my children, and granted, my son could be a handful at times, but my daughter has never once caused a problem in school. She just didn’t meet up to Michelle Dohm’s standard of perfection. Perhaps that’s because my children were nobody’s because they didn’t play baseball anymore. I can easily see Michelle Dohm being guilty of what she is accused of. Each year Ms. Dohm takes her class on a field trip to the local jail, as part of lesson about making wise choices. I chaperoned this trip with her class two years ago. How ironic that she eventually found herself on the other side of those bars.


  8. she came down on them — HARD!

    Hard indeed

    I have a question though. What kind of world are you raising your kids in if they cant find something to do in a mountain town ?

    NONE of my friends played sports and we always found something to do. granted I didn’t live in a mountain town… but the point is…we didn’t rely on other people to make our fun for us.

    I think that is a major problem with kids today… they have no imagination. I know I am generalizing (and that isn’t fair) but I see it all the time. Kids just do NOT know how to make their own fun anymore.


  9. Well Jim!! I would say that those of us from the Thurmont area or any other small town raise our kids the best we can. There was a tiny skating rink (It closed down) other than that there’s not much. Sports becomes important because we try to keep our kids away from drugs and gangs ( yes small towns deal with it too). There is Boy Scouts, Michelle Dohm and her husband, are both leaders (or at least they were not sure now). Would you rather we let our kids run the streets? I’m proud to say my daughter at agr 16 is still a virgin, so therefore we must be doing something right in our small towns.


  10. I’M sorry, i didn’t mean it the way it came out… and it surely was not an attack on you.

    When I was a kid, I was in the boy scouts. wasn’t really into it though. matter of a fact I was pretty much an introvert and avoided the other scouts and activities. I got a few badges, but only so I could do certain activities that I liked (eg I got a badge so I could use a knife)
    On one particular camping trip I spent hours watching a branch follow the current of a stream. when it got to the end… I brought it back to the start and did it over again. Sounds dull, but for a kid with a imagination… it was a lot of fun.

    that’s what I meant. Kids today, they rely on other to make their fun up for them. Maybe technology is to blame for our youth being so empty minded. Its sad to say the least and that is probably why kids cant think of anything else but revenge when they are picked on.

    Kudos to your daughter. it is very rare indeed, to find a young lady who preserves herself. esp in small mountain towns where there is nothing to do and sports rule everything.

    by the way, small towns are not bad. I am just not from one. though as far as NY is concerned… my town was quite small. The problem with America’s youth is far greater than the size of their home town. Drugs, gangs and sports are not what our nation is made up of… and I think we need to get kids off the computers and back into the playgrounds. of all the places me and my friends hung out… I think the street corner was the best. we sat on the curb and talked about whatever, rode our bikes in circles and enjoyed ourselves.

    the street isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. we weren’t on the streets of Harlem… it was the streets of Holbrook (basically, any residential town, USA)

    anyway… again, I wasn’t attacking you. I was only spouting what I understand the world to be like.


  11. Jim,
    Thanks for the apology and I understand what you mean by the youth of today. My daughter is the oldest of my 5 kids (the rest being boys). I do believe there is way to much tv and computer time and not enough family time. My oldest boy is addicted to a game on the internet. I’m glad to see though that this year (his first year of High School) he is trying out for the football team. It sad really that this child always had imagination and soon after hitting middle school age he seemed to have lost it. My 11 year old son loves art, but being in a small town where everyone is about sports he is embarrassed to show his love for art except to us. I wish I knew a way to get my kids to not feel the pressure of small town USA, but todays small towns and yesterdays small towns have changed. I too could find pleasure in watching that branch in the stream as a child and could see the beauty in the leaves along the trail to that stream. Unfortunately, todays kids see a forest not a tree.


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