New threat at Red Lake

New threats at Red Lake School:

Haven’t these kids ever heard the expression “don’t poke the bear”?…

Officials at Red Lake High School arranged extra security after rumors that a group of students planned an assault at the school, which was the site of an attack last year in which seven people were gunned down.

The Star Tribune of Minneapolis, citing unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation, reported Tuesday that a ninth-grade student was in custody.

Minnesota high school violent plot foiled:

More details…

RED LAKE, Minn., April 25 (UPI) — Federal officials have foiled a gang-related violent plot at the Red Lake, Minn., high school where seven people were gunned down last year.

An unidentified ninth-grade boy with no record of behavioral problems was taken into custody late last week, and the FBI and Bureau of Indian Affairs agents were working at increasing security at the school, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported Tuesday.

Staff members and students learned of a “hit list” that contained dozens of names, mostly students and a few staff members, the report said.

If you plan a school attack where people have been previously killed in one, joking or not, the law is going to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

9 thoughts on “New threat at Red Lake”

  1. Red Lake is only a few hours from me, I destinctly remember when I heard about the attacks last year and how sad they ended up being when the final reports were published about how many were wounded and died.

    And now these kids want to do similar things again? What is going on here? Something is really messed up with our society. You’d think people would learn.

    I think that if US schools got rid of sports (much like European schools don’t have sports) AND if the school hired people that cared about KIDS and not making an INCOME, and if the principal went around greeting everyone and trying to learn their names. Maybe the kids would feel more at home, maybe there wouldn’t be so much rivalry and hate.

    Meh, all I can say is that you don’t see this stuff happening overseas. 😕

    By the way Trench, nice blog. First time I’ve ever posted on it and I have read it several times, thanks.


  2. Thats because Trench is a fancy man. He will be that much fancier when he starts getting paid for this gig. I still cant believe you dont, at least, get some advertising revenue since you are a quick draw on search engines.


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