Pamela Rogers Video

Pamela Rogers

Bad Jocks has one of the cell phone videos that Pamela Rogers sent to her victim here. You may not want to view this one at work.

And again I say if this was a male teacher sending suggestive videos to a 15-year-old willing female student you’d all be crying for blood.

3 thoughts on “Pamela Rogers Video”

  1. True, we all would be crying for blood. But obviousl the judicial finds little foult in this act. If a male had commited the same crime he wouldnt have a chance to send this vid. He’d be in max security getting pounded by a murderer.


  2. Yes, you’re right. But she’s not a man and he’s not a girl. To justify her sentencing based on your reasoning is to greatly reduce the many differences between men and women.

    These laws were created to protect people. Who needs the protection here? The two love eachother. Now this woman is being jailed. You’re essentially saying “Well, even though you’re not harming the victim, we’re going to jail you anyway because we don’t want the male pedophiles to be angry.” A woman’s livelihood is at stake. This is a clear sign of how inefficient the judicial system is when ridiculous technicalities like this are used to ruin otherwise normal, beautiful relationships.


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