Attention citizens of Massachusetts

Or as I like to call them, Massholes. (Relax, I’m just kidding.)

Anyway, your Attorney General Tom Reilly is calling on MySpace to beef up their security when it comes to minors. He’s making some good and some not so good requests.

First, he wants MySpace to change its minimum user age to 18. I have no problem with that but he doesn’t say how MySpace should do that. I suggest credit card number validations. That won’t keep every minor out but it will keep most of them out.

He also wants every MySpace page equipped with a “Report Inappropriate Content” link. That’s actually a great idea.

He wants MySpace to respond to all reports of inappropriate content within 24 hours and significantly increase the number of employees who review images and content. Sounds reasonable. Newscorp does have assloads of cash.

He wants MySpace to immediately delete any profiles that violate MySpace’s Terms of Use Agreement and permanently banning those members from using the site. I also agree with this because MySpace is notoriously bad in enforcing their TOS. Banning members is harder though. How do you ban a member from getting another account?

He wants MySpace to immediately remove all advertisements and other MySpace-sponsored content that are inappropriate for children. Yeah, that’ll happen.

And lastly like the Conn. AG he wants MySpace to offer free, downloadable software that allows parents to block the use of MySpace. I don’t think that should be MySpace’s responsibility. With just a little knowledge any parent can have MySpace blocked on their computer.

AG Reilly is also trying to educate parents…

As part of an effort to enhance parental awareness of online safety for children, AG Reilly’s Office is leading a series of workshops throughout Massachusetts to educate parents about the dangers that children face when using the Internet. Today AG Reilly will conduct an Internet Safety program for parents in Weymouth warning them of the potential dangers that exist when their children use the Internet.

How many parents actually attend these workshops remains to be seen. My guess is there won’t be enough.

One thought on “Attention citizens of Massachusetts”

  1. Why would they need to block advertisements if the TOS age is going to be 18?

    Also, does he have any ability to enforce this what so ever? Do they have the legal power to block the site, lean on NewsCorp, anything?

    You have a point in your final statements, it should not be Myspace’s job to make sure your kids don’t use Myspace. (Feels like I’m quoting from Fight Club), it’s the parents’. If they took the time to read they would know how to ‘block’ it.


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