Winslow Township suspect released

One Teen in Winslow Plot Released:

The suspect in the Winslow Township High plot that actually attended Hammonton High School has been released but will remain under house arrest.

The teen from Hammonton said he was only joking when he said he’d take part in the plan, and that he only said he might be able to help the other boys get a gun.

So he was only joking but he said he might be able to help the other suspects get a gun. So which one is it?

The other three suspects will remain in the Camden County Youth Detention Center.

As far as adult charges being filed which I thought was supposed to be determined today…

All four of the teens will be back in court on June 1st. At that time, the prosecutor is expected to decide if the case will be pursued in the adult court system.

2 thoughts on “Winslow Township suspect released”

  1. fucking kids i feel bad for 1 of them the youngest kid who i knew on my bus i think he just went with these kids..i think if it would have came down to it he would have done it..but he is truely a frail kid with a bad homelife looking to fit in somewhere..also after all these charges against the kids were pinned on them the winslow cops can’t back any of them up..i think they blew it way out of poportion just to make it seem like the cracked a big case…


  2. I know personally the child you were talking about, the 14 year old and he was never a violent child. Yes he has a bad homelife, (I know the family personally)and I can vouch for him that he is a really good kid who is truly a victim of his enviornment. I had talked to him before this happened and warned him of who he was hanging out with. I was shocked when I found out this was occuring (Just today actually)but I do not believe in my heart that he was capable of pulling this off. I beleive it was the boys ways of getting attention. I hope to god this young child I knew who was such a good boy growing up does not have to spend 30 years in jail now because of this alleged “plot”. I think as you said the police hyped it up to be more than it was, now this poor kid has to suffer because of it. Makes me hate the law that does not protect our children. 😦


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