Richard Castaldo talks about Columbine RPG

Columbine SurvivorTalks About Columbine RPG:

For those of you who don’t know what an RPG is it stands for Role Playing Game. It’s a type of video game that deals mostly in fantasy scenarios. Popular RPG franchises would be Final Fantasy or Suikoden. Think of it as Dungeons and Dragons but as a video game. And yes someone made one based on Columbine. I’ve seen it but I haven’t played it. I’m not about to download that to my computer. Anyway, Richard Castaldo, who I first mentioned here did an interview with Kotaku, a gaming site, about the Columbine RPG. I won’t reprint the whole thing but I found this segment of the article most interesting…

Do you think it glamorizes what happened at Columbine?

There is a part where after the character’s representing the killers in the game die, and then the game shows an extended real-life montage of what happened that day. And it shows their blood-soaked corpses, and isn’t pretty. Which to me deglamorizes what they did. I’ve heard of some stories where some students try to make folk heroes out of these killers, which is very disgusting to me. I think people who have that mindset and then play this game and see that part it would make it real for them. As opposed to having this sort-of romanticized version that some people have.

But, at the same time there are some dialog in the game that comes up after you kill the students that refers to you as being “brave boys”, which i would hope was supposed to be ironic, because clearly what they did was not brave or heroic in anyway, it was quite the opposite. It has you killing students with absolutely no protection whatsoever. Which is what actually happened. So if the killers (or anyone else for that matter) thought that what they were doing was heroic in any way they were deeply fooling themselves. People ask me all the time, “Did you know them?” And my answer is of course no, i didn’t. And, I didn’t do a damn thing to either one of them. So, I think the game kinda highlights that. That there was no real rhyme or reason why specific people got killed.

And that’s from someone who was there that unfortunately did not come out unscathed.

So think about that the next time you think that the killers weren’t cowards.

5 thoughts on “Richard Castaldo talks about Columbine RPG”

  1. A game. Out of one of the most horrendous things to happen in this country. What kind of message is this giving kids? A game! It’s not enough that we have games on every game system for kids filled with sex and/or violence. No, they have to make one about a real tragedy. The makers have no consideration or empathy for the victims. Those poor people just have to take it and live with the consequences for the rest of their lives. It’s sickening how we re-victimize people in the name of money/fun/whatever in this country. Evil seems to win all the time.
    Harris &amp Klebold were cowards. 👿


  2. okk, the thing happened it was tragic, and an idiot comes to make a game, do u think the ppl hu died want u to relive the moment, think bout the families huse son and daughter died, not the killers family, are u retarrded?? wut if u almost died there, wut if u were there, would u want ppl to be playing a game out of it?? 😈


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