Michelle Dohm turns herself in

Thurmont teacher faces more threat charges:

Michelle Dohm turned herself in to law enforcement today after new charges were filed against her. The new charges are further explained…

Two of the new charges involve a Thurmont boy who received a suspicious package in late April that turned out to be harmless, and a letter several weeks earlier, Thurmont Police Chief Gregory Eyler said. The third threat was received by another boy April 21, according to the indictment, which didn’t specify the type of threat or how it was delivered.

If she is the one still sending threats while she’s being investigated then she has some serious issues to work out. She was released on $200K bail.

4 thoughts on “Michelle Dohm turns herself in”

  1. Who is a sick bitch? Michelle or the judge who granted her bail? With Michelle its all about control! Trust me I know.


  2. A frederick news paper recently printed an article that quoted deputy state’s attorney Charlie Smith in court. “residents of thurmont are in fear…bomb dogs are being called to houses. people are requesting drive-bys by police to check their property.” makes one think dohm must be a pretty scary person. however, a neighbor wrote an editorial which stated how unfair it was to paint her town as so scary and that dohm was a kind and thoughtful person. Thurmont’s local paper had this to say:

    Residents not living in fear:

    People playing… another neighbor states she isn’t afraid of dohm…the mayor says Smith severly exaggerated…chief of police in thurmont states that they haven’t received ANY requests for drive bys…Smith corrected his statement about multiple calls for bomb dogs to say it was just one call…the article ended with Smith admitting his portrayal of a community living in fear wasn’t right.

    how can this lady get a fair trial if the prosecution goes so far as to LIE in a courtroom to a judge?

    makes one wonder…


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