Michael R. Zbonski

Man charged with abusing girl he met on MySpace:

A Blue Island man has been charged with seven counts of criminal sexual abuse involving a 14-year-old Antioch girl he met on the popular Web site MySpace.com, authorities said Wednesday.

Michael R. Zbonski, 20, and the girl had been communicating online for a year or more, officials said.

Pat Fix, chief of the cybercrimes unit of the Lake County state’s attorney’s office, said Zbonski is accused of having sexual relations with the girl on Jan. 28 and 29.

Fix would not say where the incidents took place, but she said the girl’s parents called the Lake Villa Police Department some time after the two met in person.

Authorities interviewed numerous people and conducted a forensic examination of the girl’s computer before filing charges. Fix would not say what they found but credited investigator Mark Pleasant of the state’s attorney’s office.

Zbonski has been released on a recognizance bond. He is not permitted to see the girl or have any unsupervised visits with anyone younger than 17.

If convicted, Zbonski could get 7 years in prison for each charge, officials said.

And here is Mikey’s MySpace profile. You know, when I was 20 I was trying to date girls older than me not 6 years younger. What’s wrong with you scumbags?

Welcome to the Rogues Gallery Mikey. I know you’ll hate it. Mikey hates everything, except sex with underage girls.

5 thoughts on “Michael R. Zbonski”

  1. Reading this actually made me think of something. When I was 20, my brother was 17 and him and I and our friends all kinda hung out in one group. At the time, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of going out with one of his girl friends. Now, of course they weren’t 14, but still. I was somewhat of an immature 20 year old so the thought of dating a 26 year old girl was DEFINITELY out of the question. No, I never dated his friends, but thinking back, if someone told me I shouldn’t, it wouldn’t have made sense to me.


  2. For all you kno it could of been a dirty little girl trying to make money out of him, or some pissed off parents who found out… think about it GIRLS DO LIE! prolly told him she was older and all cuz how is it that it supposedly happened 3 times, dont u think after the first time if it was truly true she would of said sumthing, or more then that stopped talking to him??


  3. Doesn’t matter if she lied about her age, statutory is statutory, and even if she did claim to be older than she really was, it’s too bad for Mikey.


  4. So update on this article. I actually knew Zbonski, and i always thought he was a little strange. But heres the sad thing.. Didn’t spend a day in jail. way to go cook county.


  5. The girl was me. and “some guy” i wasnt some dirty little girl trying to make money. he was supposed to be a friend and tried to push things too far. now that im almost 20 and i know soon here he will be getting out ive been reading the articles that i could find trying to see if he had friends saying exactly when he’s getting out so i can get some kind of protection order. my uncle was at work one day and he heard some kind telling another co-worker a story and the guy mentioned my name and said something about just wait til my son gets out that little slut is going to get whats coming for her.. since then its been a nightmare to me


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