Trench plays the Columbine RPG

So last night I finally decided to download Super Columbine Massacre RPG to put the designer’s words to the test. I played it about halfway through and I can honestly say that the designer is full of crap.

In the Q&A the designer said, “You must CHOOSE to kill in SCMRPG.” Well, you have to be damn nimble on the arrow keys to avoid killing anyone. And once you do come in contact with an “enemy” your only option is to kill. There is no “run” or “escape” option that comes with most RPG’s. Not only that but if you want to survive the “hell” level you need to increase your level or what’s known in RPG’s as “level building” or “grinding”. How do you increase your level? Why by killing more kids of course. So the designer made it near impossible to go through the game without killing someone.

The enemies all have names like “Preppy Boy”, “Cheerleader”, “Jock-Boy” (of course), and “Black Boy”. After you kill the victim makes a gurgling noise and the screen says “Another victory for The Trench Coat Mafia”. When you get items from your victims it calls the shooters “brave boys”.

Halfway through the game, you get to the point where the two cowardly scumbags, Harris and Klebold, kill themselves. After they kill themselves you get a “touching” montage of Harris and Klebold through the years.

This is not a game designed to make you think or open a dialogue about school shootings. It’s nothing more than a tribute to the two cowardly scumbags and probably a revenge fantasy of the designer.

22 thoughts on “Trench plays the Columbine RPG”

  1. That news article was posted to another source. Reading some of the posts really makes one sick. The amount of people who still seem to think it was all some how justified. To hell with them, if you kill, you deserve to die. Your life is now forfeit. This jackhole who decided to put this lame excuse for a game together was just going for the quick buck, and it seems it backfired on him because of all the negative reaction. He isn’t Rockstar and it’s sure not GTA. That game was a work of fiction, there was no victims who have to live on through the memories of that horrible day. This feeble excuse for a human is just grinding salt into a wound that may never heal. Then you have those who say it’s a free speach thing. Just because you can do it, does it mean you should? If you do something that you know will anger and upset people, don’t go get surprised when people get pissed off. They are also excercising their right to get mad as hell.


  2. Thanks for the review, Trench. I was considering downloading it myself and playing it to see what it was all about.

    I won’t even waste my time nor my hard drive space now.


  3. I also downloaded the game last night, its nothing more than a tribute. For god’s sake, one level is all about just getting into the cafeteria to plant the bombs, and its made to look like a kids game. Sick.


  4. Still sickened here. I just do not understand, nor can I relate. Is this complete lack of respect, lack of simple human compassion, and hero worship of murderers a rising trend at the moment that will die down one day or is it a generational thing? Because it is begining to scare the hell out of me, truly.


  5. All you who lack critical thinking skills obviously went to school in the US where the curriculum is watered down and the jocks, cheerleaders and fashion models reign. The maker of the game is one of the few who actually learned to read and think for himself. Obviously the most of you still dont get it. A true dialogue about school shootings would ask what made them do it. That can be reached at looking deeper than blaming Marilyn Manson et al. A good start would be to include the marginalized voices and make it pluralistic. And yes give some creedence when they say the administrators looked the other way after they were verbally or phisically attacked.


  6. I actually take pride in the fact that I went to a tech school where during our pep rally, note pep rally singular. The one pep rally we had a year consisted of the hideous cheerleaders being laughed at, the football team being booed and no one really caring if the soccer team was even there or not.


  7. So deadguy, where do you go to school? Because your IP address traces back to Mexico. If that’s the case I’m sure you’re getting a wonderful education there. 🙄


  8. 😆

    That was pretty funny

    I’m not sure where you are going with your post (deadguy). you seem to be all over the place.
    While we can not pin point an exact reason WHY they shot up the school and murdered the people they did, we CAN look at what was going on in their lives and dispose what WAS NOT a cause.
    We know they WEREN’T bullied… they were bullies themselves
    we know they didn’t take their offence out on people that even knew them.
    and we know they had psychological problems

    but this thread is about the game… so let me make note of my final thoughts on this game.

    This is where I stand on it and I shall not budge

    the author of this game had every right to create it. I think it would be a mockery of our nation to ban it.

    BUT !!

    No one with any sense should play it (hint Trench)

    The only reason anyone knows it even exists is because of the fucking news sites promoting it over and fucking over. The media ( included) is why this tastelessly inspired and horribly created (so called) game has become one of the most downloaded games of the last year.
    Its creator may be within his rights of free speech to create it, but we DO NOT have to offer him advertising so it is promoted all over the world. it is only a matter of time before he creates a Red Lake game (so on and so forth) and then money from people who want his ideas to make them money.

    The single biggest truth in advertising is… even bad publicity is good publicity.


  9. Nah. The guy who made it did it as a one time thing, that was the only game he ever made and he says he will never make another. Also he released the game anonymously but his identity was revealed by an investigation lead by a friend of one of the victims. He obviously was not looking for money or notoriety.


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