It’s not in the game

How much of Columbine is in the game?:

I know what you’re doing. You’re rolling your eyes at me because I linked to a website about religion. Well, listen up for a second, heathen dogs. The article makes some really good points about the atrocity that is Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The designer goes on about how accurate the game is. Well, the author of this article has some questions for the designer…

Where to begin? Did it include Rachel Joy Scott writing and drawing in her school notebook minutes before she died? Her journal entry — complete with a rose and 13 tears — ended with this prayer:

“Am I the only one who sees? Am I the only one who craves Your glory? Am I the only one who longs to be forever in Your loving arms? All I want is for someone to walk with me through these halls of a tragedy.”

Is that in the game?

How about some of the dialogue from the videos that Harris and Klebold left behind? After all, the killers said they wanted to start a “religious war” and they mocked a Christian girl named Rachel.

In their pre-rampage videotapes, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold discussed — in their litany of hate — how they wanted to start a “religious war” and mocked a girl named Rachel who had shared her Christian faith.

In audio tapes aired on CNN, and transcripts released by parents, Klebold said: “Stuck-up little b—, you f— little Christianity, godly little w—.”

Harris: “Yeah, ‘I love Jesus, I love Jesus.’. . . Shut the f— up.”

Klebold: “What would Jesus do? What would I DO? (Makes shotgun sound at camera)”

Did any of that make it into the game? I would assume it did.

And what about the stories of Cassie Bernall, Valeen Schnurr and others who were shot after being mocked for their faith? Some of the eyewitnesses differed on the details, but it was clear that the killers — before pulling the trigger — were asking some people, “Do you believe in God?” Where did all of that come from?

I can even add another question that has little to do with religion. Where in the game was it that one of the shooters said “there’s a nigger over here” before killing Isaiah Shoels who was black?

Where is the representation of any of the actual victims?

I’ll tell you. There aren’t any. Instead, they’re only represented by such generic names like “Black Boy” and “Religious Girl”.

Which just further proves that this is not some society changing game designed in order to open a dialog about school shootings. It’s just a poorly made tribute to two cowardly mass murderers.

3 thoughts on “It’s not in the game”

  1. It’s just a poorly made tribute to two cowardly mass murderers made by a dumbass attention-whore, that is.


  2. I know what you’re doing. You’re rolling your eyes at me because I linked to a website about religion.

    were you refering to me ?:lol:


  3. Yes, I played the game recently, having read about it in the news. It was a TOTAL waste of my time. They pulled such a poor attempt at making the killers seem like deep individuals while the victims became nothing more than “English Teacher,” “Pretty Girl,” “Jock Guy,” etc.

    Even if the story and characters WERE legitimately-written out (which they weren’t), the triggers within the game were ridiculous, forcing the characters to walk through the school beforehand to plant the bombs (dodging contact with students and security cameras on the way). Had they planted the bags in that fashion, someone would have noticed two black duffel bags in an empty cafeteria. Instead, the bags were planted (if memory serves) DURING a lunch session, so they were hidden amongst a sea of backpacks.

    Bottom line is that someone could write a book solely on the way this guy avoided his research. It sounds almost like he did it to get in the spotlight for a while, because anyone in their right mind would know that this would eventually get people’s attention. He’s probably LOVING the attention he’s getting right now (as he’s getting hits gallore on his website).

    It’s ridiculous and quite selfish of him to do this, especially because of his blatant disregard for the facts. Keep doing what you’re doing here, sir, because we can’t let what happened there fall out of the spotlight until all the facts are revealed.


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