More fallout from Super Columbine Massacre RPG-Designer outed

The Worst Video Game, Ever:

This is an opinion piece from a California newscaster whose opinion is pretty dead on…

Columbin did an online interview: profits aside, he said he wanted to show that –quoting now– “behind all the pixels is the fact that people really died, including two angry boys who were, at times, very thoughtful, sensitive and intelligent.”

–Well, isn’t that a sure-fire way to win-over those who genuinely don’t get it. Or those who just don’t get, if Columbin’s so proud, why he doesn’t even use his real name.

Well, he has to use his real name now because he’s been outed

The game’s creator had insisted on maintaining his anonymity until a friend of one victim discovered his name and posted it on the game’s site this week.

“It was just a matter of time,” said Danny Ledonne, 24, the game’s designer. Until Thursday, he had identified himself only as “Columbin” in the few news reports on the game.

Roger Kovacs, 22, a Web developer, was so infuriated about the game last week that he sought to figure out who “Columbin” was. Once he learned Ledonne’s identity, he posted it on the game’s site. “One of the girls who died was a friend of mine,” Kovacs said. “Rachel. We were in the same church group. Anyone playing this game can kill Rachel over and over again.”

Get your boots out, it’s starting to get deep in here…

“I’m not advocating shooting up your school, and I don’t know how many times I can say that and no one will listen. This game does not glorify school shootings. If you make it far enough in the game, you see very graphic photos of Eric and Dylan lying dead,” Ledonne said.

If you didn’t refer to two cowardly mass murderers as “brave boys” and call the deaths of the victims in the game “another victory for the Trench Coat Mafia” then maybe people wouldn’t think you were advocating school shootings. Me? I personally think you’re a lying sack of crap who can’t move on with his life after high school.

9 thoughts on “More fallout from Super Columbine Massacre RPG-Designer outed”

  1. That is sick. I went to the site and the forum and you wouldn’t believe the things individuals write about the victims and how the killers are martrys to these sick people. Now they want a 9/11 game where they can fly a plane into a building. It’s utterly disgusting.


  2. These people should be shot. Actually, lets put them all in one school. A school full of mutants. Then, let’s all go in there and start shooting them all without mercy. That sure would change their perspective. They have no idea. I can’t begin to imagine how scary it would have been for the victims of these kinds of massacres.

    These people are the slime of the gene pool.


  3. Sounds like another fucking mutant.

    How did they deserve it? Lets have a look at one example. There are THIRTEEN examples, but let’s just pick ONE
    Steven Curnow…he got shot under the table by Harris. Harris didn’t even look at who he was shooting. This poor kid was just crouched under that table in fear when suddenly he was looking down the barrel of a fucking shotgun. BLAM. He was dead.

    Ya know, you’re the exact kind of person I was just talking about in my earlier comment. Someone should shoot you. Repeatedly.


  4. This may be off topic or whatever but i dont give a fuck. Anyways i just wanted to say that Eric and Dylan what they have taught me is that i can do anything i want. They may have been bad guys to you but to me they were in a way heros they opend my eyes and took my mind to another level beyond all this do what society tells you sheep bullcrap. And what the hell all your post are really stupid all you see is a couple kids that killed some people. I think that you gotta open your eyes and take a look at the world around you and not always see things just for what they are. It’s something youll never understand. To me your the fucking mutant and your the one that should be non existent. Mutants? You are a fucking asshole,it’s people like you bringing everyone who has differnt veiws down.
    Your just a fucking number your useless i dont evan see you as the same species. You got alot of evolving to do buddy,suck my balls.

    REB and VODKA thanks for showing me that i can do anything whether it be good or bad.


  5. Wow, killing innocents makes you a hero? Wow, the gene pool needs one fucking big dose of chlorine.

    You need some new inspiration, and not from a murderer. Don’t you people see right and wrong? Perhaps life has ticked you off and you want to get revenge, murder-style. Its not right, but I can understand some people think that way.

    But killing people randomly, who most, if not all, have never done anything bad to you? Where is the sense in that? WHERE?


  6. ‘Not always see things just for what they are?’

    Besides revealing yourself to be completely inarticulate, and woefully incompetent with English, what on earth are you trying to say?

    Lach is absolutely right, there is nothing right about the idea behind this game. Those posters who are aparently more ‘open-minded’ are nothing but self-pitying, self-indulgent simians who, as Lach so correctly put, do not have any sense of right and wrong. While these abstract concepts are culturally constructed, rather than being innately ‘human’, to idolise the killers is to be nothing more than malicious.

    David Hume grounded sympathy as a human trait, not culturally defined. While his arguments are not perfect, I think it applies here. Sympathy with these innocent victims should lead one to conclude that murder in this case was wrong. Of course, that assumed the person making the conclusion is a fucking normal human being, with normal human traits.

    Mutants? Perhaps there is some truth to Lach’s statements after all. Bring out the chlorine.


  7. “These people should be shot. Actually, lets put them all in one school. A school full of mutants. Then, let’s all go in there and start shooting them all without mercy. That sure would change their perspective. They have no idea. I can’t begin to imagine how scary it would have been for the victims of these kinds of massacres.” You know who else thought something like that? The two shooters you fucking hypocrite.


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