Two Winslow Township suspects may be tried as adults

Prosecutor asks that 2 Winslow teens be tried as adults:

CAMDEN — The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office has asked a Family Court judge to transfer to adult court charges of conspiracy to murder against two Winslow Township High School students, one 16 and the other 15.

Similar charges against a third Winslow Township High School student, also 15, and a 14-year-old Hammonton High School student, will remain in the jurisdiction of juvenile court, Acting Camden County Prosecutor James P.Lynch said Tuesday.

He said his office also will withdraw a pending terrorism charge against all four teens.

The four were arrested after police learned of a plot to kill as many as 17 people, beginning with students in a lunch period at the high school, in April. The plan fell apart when the suspects were unable to obtain weapons.

All four suspects are due to appear June 1 before Superior Court Judge Angelo DiCamillo. All but the Hammonton student are being held at the Camden County Youth Center.

The Hammonton student is under house arrest.

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