5/24/06: From the Mail Sack

It’s been a while since we read the mail from the mutants so let’s get started, shall we?

This one is from my entry on the Columbine Rampart Range Tapes

jacob Says:

fuck all u white haters out there im not that racist but when it comes to niggers tryen to get at us that pisses me off u niggers have enough problems so fuck off…. by the way that was are ancestors thatdid that shit to you so dont pull that shit on inasent ppl by the way ur not african americans its africans in america

o and marcus and dante get a fucken life.. you stuped ass niggers probaly have an ique of 50 u fucken idoit and come in to my school and pull that shit ill fucken but ur thick skulled head in u bitch ass niggers

If they have an ique of 50 it’s about 50 points higher than yours Klanboy. And I love how he says he’s not a racist except “when it comes to niggers”. I hate to break it to you Spunky but that is the textbook definition of racism.

Then we have this comment about the Columbine RPG designer being outed

Lay-Z-Boy Says:

This may be off topic or whatever but i dont give a fuck. Anyways i just wanted to say that Eric and Dylan what they have taught me is that i can do anything i want. They may have been bad guys to you but to me they were in a way heros they opend my eyes and took my mind to another level beyond all this do what society tells you sheep bullcrap. And what the hell all your post are really stupid all you see is a couple kids that killed some people. I think that you gotta open your eyes and take a look at the world around you and not always see things just for what they are. It’s something youll never understand. To me your the fucking mutant and your the one that should be non existent. Mutants? You are a fucking asshole,it’s people like you bringing everyone who has differnt veiws down.
Your just a fucking number your useless i dont evan see you as the same species. You got alot of evolving to do buddy,suck my balls.

REB and VODKA thanks for showing me that i can do anything whether it be good or bad.

I remember when I was young and idealistic and I thought society’s rules didn’t apply to me. Then I grew up and got a job. With that whole “I’m the rebel and you’re all sheep” bit, I see only one option of employment in your future…


Making my fries.

15 thoughts on “5/24/06: From the Mail Sack”

  1. It’s funny how some people can be complete dumbasses. Well, enough about the mutants. I just got back from the SCMRPG website and read the “Artist’s” Statement. What a joke. It’s quite a read. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you look into it. http://columbinegame.com/statement.htm 😀


  2. I wonder if he also sees the terrorists that boarded airplanes one September morning a few years ago and flew them into the twin towers and the pentagon as heroes who teach that “you can do whatever you want”? Afterall, these men we call terrorists also have a political or social agenda they feel worthy of givng their lives for,or so it is said. I can only pray that there are so few of these mutants around that they don’t spoil the gene pool. Please God, tell me that the majority of kids still have their heads screwed on straight:cry:


  3. I dont care about the people who died i mean why should i? I didnt know them. Im not saying what the boys did was probably the best thing to do but hey whats done is done. Nothings going to change that now.
    Nettie i bet your the kind of person who sees a arab walking down the street wearing a turban as a terrorist. Fuck september 11 your government planed it any way so whos the real terrorists? Yea and you would like more Mc Donalds wouldnt you? Your probably the perfect example of why America has the most fat people in the world. Asuming you live in America judging by you one sided opinions of everybody you do live in America. And i never said the societys rules didnt apply to me and i never said i was a rebel. And joker you know why your brain hurts dont you? It’s because of the Mc Donalds induced tumor you currently have.

    Soooo untill next time take care of yourselfs and eat right you fat cunts.


  4. Oddly enough I’m pretty healthy, weight is right and I don’t eat at McDonalds. Funny how I don’t get the same vibe you do from Nettie’s comment. Is the automatic course of action you have for having your words called on is to lash out like an infant and call people fat? Wasn’t that grade school antics? I’d almost feel sorry for you that you lack any kind of compassion and most likely emotion, but then I look at the hate you spew and figure you would be better off just having gravity stop holding you to the planet and watch you spin off into the stratosphere.

    Fries are done.
    Shouldn’t you be getting that now?


  5. Your probably the perfect example of why America has the most fat people in the world.

    He doesn’t tolerate racism but broad sweeping generlizations are ok. 😆


  6. Man you guys sure have a way with words ill give ya that. And you make some dam fine arguments. No point in trying to argue with you guys. I think ill turn normal now…………………FREEE TIBET!!!!


  7. lazy, are you out of grade school yet? i mean, besides the fact that you cant spell or punctuate enough to where we readers can understand what the hell you are saying, your arguments are very immature. “why should i care about them? i didnt know them”. it’s called having common decency. you know, respect for your fellow man. you are talking about how we americans are all fat and want to eat mcDonalds all the time and are rude and intollorant of other people, yet i dont see you exactly being an ambassador of compassion and acceptance. the fact that you think eric harriss and dylan klebold are wonderful people and “heroes” makes me sick to my stomach. heroes dont walk around killing innocent kids just to show people that they can. heroes dont kill teachers who have spent their whole life serving young people and sacrificing their time for young people. heroes dont plant bombs in schools so that other kids, teachers, or even rescue workers (the TRUE heroes) can get blown up. a true heroe is someone who goes out of their way to make someone else’s life better. Harriss and Klebold are nothing but murderers. cold blooded killers. its time for you, lazy, to take the pacifier out of your mouth, change your diaper, and grow up. this world does not revolve around you.

    btw, you should be happy so many people like mcdonalds. it gives you job security. 😀


  8. oOOoOO i sense some hostility in this area of the web…hm..a facist and americans…i wonder who’s gonna win this one. If i remember right, America has prevailed over facists since…well…ever…dont think ur gonna win this one lay-z. I would hate to point out the odvious, but looks like it to me that he might have named himself lay-z-boy for a reason, cause he isnt good at anything but worshipping false gods and slamming others. Bravo. I hope he doesnt work at mcdonnalds. Because if he sees someone who he is going to generalize, he might spit in their food. I think scrubbing toilets is something much more fitting. It builds much more character. And thats something Lay-Z is severly lacking rightnow.


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