It’s about time

Game Creator Says Columbine Was A Wake-Up Call:

To be fair I want you to read the entire article and form your own opinion. However, read this quote from mutant Super Columbine Massacre RPG designer Danny Ledonne…

Ledonne still remembers vividly his reaction to Columbine back in 1999 when it shocked him out of his downward spiral.

“My reaction sort of had the same duality that a lot of people, or at least some people, had to 9/11, and that would be: I can’t believe this is happening and it’s about time,” he said.

And yet you still insist your game does not glorify Harris and Klebold.

16 thoughts on “It’s about time”

  1. It’s about time? I don’t remember feeling like that, at all! I doubt there was any duality, he just felt it was about time.


  2. I have downloaded the game and played it all the way through. It’s a ok game to be honest it kinda made me sad in some bits of the game like when Reb and Vodka died. I think that i find most interesting about this whole Columbine thing is the story and how they had a very strong friendship and how they relied on eachother. I wish i had a really good friend like that as im sure everyone dose. And i dont mean a really good friend that will kill everyone with you. I mean in a blood brother kind of way were they would do any thing for you and you do anything for them.

    I admire there friendship. Aside from that it was a really good game going into detail on what happend that day.

    And this games not so bad anyway i dont see how it is different from World War 2 and Veitnam war games out there today and game like grandtheft auto were you can kill people at random.

    Well that all i got to say about that.

    And if there is a hell i will see Reb and Vodka there.
    Not that i belive in all that religion bullcrap.:lol:


  3. the game isnt bad because of its content, its bad because it looks worse than an atari RPG.

    now… go to hell and visit your heros. Hurry !! or you will miss the cupcake jamboree:lol:


  4. Ok Jim so you just see a game with bad graphics? Im sure you know that there is a fucking galexy of games out there that have worse graphics than this game but i dont hear you complaining about them. So i dont really see what the big deal is if the only reason you dont like the game is because of the graphics.

    And id rather go to hell then be stuck in heven with your dumb ass.Again not that i belive in that sort of thing.


  5. yes I value a game on its graphics and game play… not its content. asshole ! I happen to be quite fond of a little game called Manhunt.

    in the gaming world… it makes Columbine look like a cupcake jamboree (which you are missing right now)

    are we clear now ? retard ?


  6. So Jim you dont care what your playing so long as it has some good eye candy? And you call me a retard. Is that also how you judge people? You dont want to know them unless you find them easy to look at? Who cares about the fucking graphics it’s the content thats the issue here you fucking idiot no ones cares what rating you give the graphics.

    Are you clear you fucking crying little bitch. Oh but the gwafics awnt gwood BOOO FUCKING HOO. Get out of my face you fucking nerd.


  7. PONG is the only video game worth playing. The graphics are SSWWEEEEETT and the play is silky smooth. I should also give a shout out to Tempest and Defender, but for me PONG is king.

    Seems to me the only person crying around here is Lay-Z-Bitch.



  8. come on lazy… do you really think you can get to me ? You are not important enough to annoy me.

    YES Graphics are important to me, story is important to me, game play is important to me, control function is important to me and repeatability is important to me. None of those features were important to the writer of this crap game. All he did was glorify two pathetic faggots. It would have been just as gay if he showed them sucking each other off and catching DNA bullets in their mouths.

    I guess that video is for the sequel 😆

    What I didn’t like about pong is the same thing I didn’t like about Atari’s tennis, hockey, basketball, football, etc…. they were all the same fucking game with a different name. two lines bouncing a dot around. bleh

    the only 2 things that made them any good at all was
    1: that’s all we had
    2: there was no goal… just a high score so you could play over and over.

    and now, from the core of my originality and creativity
    I bless you with a poem…

    In the beginning
    games always overpowered the boredom of all god’s kids …….
    But in time The gamers grew weak
    And our systems fell to slums While the parents stood strong
    In the dusks of hell lurk the gamers of late for the new PS3 awaits you
    NOW… many many lifetimes later Atari is destroyed, beaten down only the corpses of games packs ashes and dreams of PlayStation’s feats.
    It has been written, that those who write the games are the future, so come now children with controllers, be strong and …

    …play something with up to date graphics.

    I feel like I wondered off somewhere 😆


  9. I myself wouldnt mind a little doom or pacman. If you dont like pacman well then you can leave.(by the way this is my first comment and ive been reading alot about all this columbine stuff.The whole idea of people thinking that these two punks were heroes or had the right to do this. You have no right to take someones life. The only life that should have been taking was there mothers,while the two sick fucks were being born.)


  10. Bob… don’t use the word smart anymore, it doesn’t suit you.

    Trench… You didn’t know that I like the Crue ? Ah… I remember it well. I was around 10 years old, all my friends were bopping around to “beat it” and I was screaming “Shout at the devil”

    Shout at the Devil (btw) was their best album to date.

    Peter… Pacman is a classic, a game of old when games looked and played like that. Anything made today should not be pixelated… never mind being giant pixels shifting around the screen. But I will admit, if I am in the local pizza parlor and they have pacman on the side… I’ll drop in a quarter. However, by the “pretzel” round I realize why I don’t own a copy.


  11. “anything made today should not be pixilated” wtf? What the fuck are you talking about? do you know anything about games? of course not. So they should not be pixilated? what should they be? interactive videos of real people? GTA 4 is pixilated, halo is pixilated, all modern games are pixilated you dumb fuck.


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