Center Grove ringleader found guilty

Teen convicted in school-takeover plot:

The 16-year-old ringleader in the plot to attack Center Grove High School in Indiana has been convicted of the charges against him…

A juvenile magistrate has found a 16-year-old boy responsible for planning the violent takeover of Center Grove High School, a plot that police disrupted after they were tipped off by other students.

Johnson Circuit Judge Mark Loyd said the teen could be sentenced to the Indiana Department of Correction until he reaches age 21. The boy’s fate will be decided June 8.

Police alleged the plot included killing the high school principal and holding more than 2,300 students and educators captive for a ransom of $4 million to $6 million.

Magistrate Marla Clark’s “true” finding against the ringleader is the equivalent of a guilty finding for an adult. In her written finding, filed Thursday, Clark said the boy took overt action to carry out the plot.

Clark wrote the boy engaged in a conversation with another teenager about his plan to take guns to school, cause the school to be locked down, round up all the students of the school and place them in the gym, confine them there and shoot some of them.

She also said the boy said he would demand money and cars.

Additionally, Clark found, the boy assigned other boys to check the school for people hiding and participate in other parts of the plan, including getting guns.

A list was made of students to be protected and, Clark said, the boy wrote out an outline of the plot.

Two of the other suspects have their hearing set for June 13th.

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