Trench in TIME

The Thin Blue Line at MySpace:

How’s your Memorial Day? Mine is kicking ass. Why you ask? Well in case you didn’t click the link yours truly has made the pages of Time Magazine. I haven’t read the entire article myself but so far it looks promising. So be sure to pick up the June 6th issue of Time.

8 thoughts on “Trench in TIME”

  1. Congrats on the Time mention, Trench!

    My website was once published as the centerfold of Maxim Magazine’s Top 50 websites ( and I wasnt even told about it. My site’s usage skyrocketed and I had no idea why until someone emailed me a question and mentioned the article.

    Its not like being slashdotted, but get ready for the huge usage spike!


  2. I was so glad to read this article!I think it is really “time” to do something about that myAss site…I had accounts on them cuz i am musician and at first I thought it could be great to have exposure…But hell no!And what about all gratuitous hatemail?People don’t know how much they can harm each other with just some words.There are emotionally fragile/sensitive kids that were about to commit suicide after unsuccessful online dating also…I think this kind of site MUST SHUT DOWN ONCE FOR ALL.


  3. I bought the Time magazine because the article in the front seemed quite interesting, then i saw your article, and visited your website… now i’m going to post a bulletin on myspace telling them to visit… it should be fun


  4. Yeah do it!!!!!I assume they won’t move a hair.But keeep us posted if you do and even more if you got a reply.In fact I did it before you and my MS account was deleted…But I am an abuse/offensive content tracker also,maybe they’re mad at me?WTF?

    Like you said,Trench, being smarter for kids and parents with Myspace is not that easy.

    Again that is all my opinion and I admit to be wrong.That doesn’t harm to learn from my own mistakes or misunderstandings.


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