Announcement on Columbine tapes soon

Sheriff to reveal decision on Columbine files’ release:

Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink is finally getting ready to announce whether or not the Columbine evidence will be released to the public…

A long-awaited decision on whether to release Columbine materials to the public that have been suppressed since the 1999 high school shootings will be made shortly.

Jefferson County Sheriff Ted Mink wrote a letter to victims’ families dated Thursday thanking them for their “willingness to share your concerns and suggestions on whether or not to allow inspection of certain Columbine records by the public.”

Among the materials yet to be publicly released are the so-called “basement tapes” made by killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold in which they brandish weapons and boast about their upcoming rampage at Columbine High School.

In the letter, obtained by The Denver Post, Mink does not say what the decision will be but does say “barring any unforeseen delays, my office will announce its intent and file with the Jefferson County District Court in the coming days.”

It’s only been since last November that the Colorado Supreme Court ruled the materials could be released. It’s now seven months later and seven years since Columbine. Why so long? And will Mink even decide to release the tapes? If he doesn’t it will just add more speculation that he’s trying to hide something.

13 thoughts on “Announcement on Columbine tapes soon”

  1. Time to release the tapes.
    The cause of colobine, besides sick kids (my apology to this site before I start my theory), the 90s culture (but I’m sure you think nothing of linking Charles Manson to stinky hippies), is long dead. The 90s are dead. South Park is dead. MST3k is dead. The Simpsons is dead. Doom is dead. The wonder of the internet is dead. The computer “hacker” is dead. The “slacker” is dead. “Alternative” is dead. And all is just a faint memory.


  2. mhm….

    Why can’t Mink just release the friggin tapes already? Odds are they’ll be leaked onto the internet eventually anyway.


  3. I finally saw Zero Hour with the re-enactment of the Columbine shootings. It was more intense than I ever dreamed and I’m sure in real life it was much, much worse. I can’t imagine being at school and fearing for my life like that. At school, of all places.

    Now I’m gonna get on my soap box. How in the world can anyone compare that to some of the cases discussed here Trench? I know it’s not impossible for something of that magnitude to take place again, but some of these people pointing the finger at these kids being accused of planning a “Columbine Style Attack” need to do some more research. I’m mainly referring to the Gulf Shores plot where no guns or bombs were found, AT ALL!!! Sorry, I’m just a pissed off mom trying to vent some. The actual threat was not what caused all of the chaios here in south Alabama, but instead, the premature statement that was made by a certain politician. How can someone say they had NO DOUBT that a “Columbine Style Attack” was going to take place at Gulf Shores High when there were no weapons found? I believe you have to have guns, I mean alot of guns, and bombs to attack a school “Columbine Style”. The whole county lost control of their schools on 4/20, not because a so-called threat was made, but because someone wanted to make a name for themself by making a very premature comment to the public. I am sickened by this!!! An innocent childs life is on hold and his reputation has been ruined by this stupid statement and the media, who has done no more than spread gossip like the average Joe Blow who doesn’t have a life of his own. Like I’ve said before on many occasions, I understand that all threats need to be taken seriously, but damn, look at what you have before you spread a childs face and name all over the media and make him look like one of those monsters that attacked Columbine. That attack was extremely brutal. My stomach was in knots while watching the re-enactment.

    As for the tapes, release them all!! If not to the public, at least to every DA’s office, police department, and school. All of these people should be required to watch these tapes so they can see what a real Columbine attack consists of. I’ve watched and read everything I can find on Columbine and have been doing it since it happened. I’ve talked to my son about it intensely and he and I have studied it together. Now he is being accused of actually planning an attack partly because of research he’s done on his computer. Well, come arrest me too, I guess! I’m sure you could find alot of research on Columbine on my computer too. Does that mean I’m gonna go shoot up the nearest high school? Hell No!

    Ok, I’ll get off my soap box now. Sorry, but I am just sooooo pissed off. Thanks for letting me vent Trench!


  4. Anon, you know my thoughts on the Gulf Shore situation. I am 100% behind Joe. I think he’s getting a raw deal. However there have been situations similar to Joes where I think that charges were warranted. Unfortunately it all depends on the situation.


  5. I understand! Joe fussed at me for comparing his case to Toby Kerns case last week, in saying it was similar. He had to point out to me, that there was more evidence against Toby than there is against him in the GS case. He was right! Thanks for the reply and the support!


  6. Yes, I saw that! Correct me if i’m wrong, but in my opinion, there are the “Erics” out there and there are the potential “Dylans” out there also. Toby could be seen as a potential “Dylan” but he tried to get out before it was too late. Unfortunatley, it caught up with him anyway. It’s a good ole case of “Ya smell like the dawgs ya hang with.” That’s what I think sucks about Toby amd Joes case.

    Back to the subject, as I said before, release the tapes and let everyone see exactly what a potential “Columbine Style Attack” really is. I feel so much for the families of the children who were killed or even injured in this attack. I mean no disrespect what so ever to the families, but people need to see what really happened. The more we know about the attack, the more we can learn about how to prevent something like this in the future.

    Once again, thanks for listening!


  7. My question is not only why they haven’t been released, but how they think they can get away with NOT releasing them? Evidence used in a court of law is a matter of public record. Yes, people, that means EVERYTHING. THE PEOPLE put these offenders away, and therefore THE PEOPLE have a right to review the evidence for which a person is convicted. Many items over the years have been held back for whatever reasons, because maybe they were gruesome, etc., but that has been in violation of the freedom of information act, or something like that.

    The only exception to the rule is evidence gathered by government authorities which is classified private for “reasons of national security”, but over the years our government has also been guilty of absuing that authority.

    I do not see the Columbine tapes falling under the “national security” loophole, so their witholding is actually in violation of our civil laws. They should be released, and parents, etc, should be responisble for deciding whether or not their children are mature enough to view them, not the government.


  8. Why does evry one hate them? i know they killed and i know killing is wrong but some of those people had it coming. and why is it jocks have superiority? why do people pick on people that dont do anything. i know some kids who deserve it, but most of the school shooters were picked on and they were normal people that were outcast by the in crowd.


  9. done more research than you trench remember that.Should the tapes be released one dies in the tapes so its not disrespectful and it doesnt glorify them its all in the perception of the veiwer realy.oh and john dont worry about trench hes like that to nearly everybody.


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