SOME Columbine evidence to be released

Sheriff Plans To Release More Columbine Evidence:

(AP) GOLDEN, Colo. The Jefferson County sheriff said Monday he plans to make public nearly 1,000 pages of documents seized from the homes of the Columbine High School killers, but the release could be delayed if the gunmen’s parents appeal.

During searches of the Harris and Klebold homes after the shootings, sheriff’s deputies seized journals kept by the gunmen, videotapes and audio tapes. In a news release, Mink said he wanted to release 936 pages of evidence but did not say whether that would include any of the tapes.

I’ll get to the appeal in a minute. Only 1,000 pages of evidence? What about the basement tapes? What about evidence item #201? I get the feeling that this is going to be 1,000 pages of bureaucratic crap. Now back to the appeal…

Sheriff Ted Mink said a state Supreme Court ruling on the documents gave the parents of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold the right to appeal his decision. It was not immediately clear whether they would appeal and how long that might take.

The gunmen’s parents fought to keep the records private. They have said they fear the material could inspire copycat crimes.

You know they are going to appeal. And it has nothing to do with the fact that it would inspire copycat crimes. It’s a little too late for that. In my opinion, it’s because they don’t want to get sued by the victims of copycat crimes. This will more than likely be tied up in the courts for years.

They’ll find D.B. Cooper before all this evidence is released.

2 thoughts on “SOME Columbine evidence to be released”

  1. Of course they are going to appeal anything that makes them look bad can’t be released (although we don’t know what is actually in the nearly 1000 pages of documents). It’s been over 7 yrs and it’s time to release everything. By the way Trench, a recent update confirms that Mink won’t be releasing the “Basement Tapes” or audio tapes. It’s evidence to a crime so I don’t know why the courts keep letting the sheriff and the scumbags’ families get the last word. Oh and there are enough gun threats and shootings at schools right now without the assistance of those tapes…:?


  2. Well to all debators if you had kids and they did this would you want the tapes released and before you jump at an answer realy think about it.


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