Casas pleads not guilty

Teen Enters Plea To Conspiracy Charge In Columbine-Style Attack Plan:

The older suspect in the plot to attack Quartz Hill High in California entered his plea today…

LOS ANGELES — The older of two teens accused of plotting a Columbine High-type attack at Quartz Hill High School on Valentine’s Day pleaded not guilty Monday to conspiracy to commit murder and a related charge.

Johnny Alvarez Casas, now 18, is also charged with possessing the ingredients to make a destructive device.

Casas — who was 17 at the time of the alleged plot — is being tried as an adult. He remains in custody pending an Aug. 16 pretrial hearing in Lancaster Superior Court.

Casas and another teen allegedly planned to set off a bomb at the high school where they had previously been enrolled.

I think this is the fourth time he’s entered a plea. All not guilty.

2 thoughts on “Casas pleads not guilty”

  1. I do! I know he wouldn’t KILL anyone. Listen people, I spent 2 weeks with him and Mike in The Special Handling Unit at Sylmar before I was transfered to another unit. He realizes the seriousness of all this, and I know them… They are troubled but have no intentions.
    They may have found things like bomb stuff, but lots of kids have that kind of stuff, in fact it’s daily houshold items.
    I hope they get through this.
    Best wishes friends.


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