Red Lake lawsuit settled

Families settle lawsuit over Red Lake shootings:

MINNEAPOLIS – Families of victims in last year’s shootings on the Red Lake Indian Reservation have settled a lawsuit against the school district for $1 million.

The settlement was to be distributed among 21 families of shooting victims.

In Philip Sieff, an attorney for the victims’ families, called the settlement “best for everyone because it provides these highly deserving families some compensation for their losses and allows the School District to return all of its focus to education.”

Personally, I don’t see why the school district was sued. They had metal detectors and they had an armed security guard. Granted neither of those steps stopped Jeff Weise but what else was the school supposed to do? Not only that but now you’re taking money away from the school that’s supposed to educate your children.

What does this accomplish?

2 thoughts on “Red Lake lawsuit settled”

  1. 47.5 thousand before their lawyers get their cut! That is why they sued, so their lawyers could make some dough. I am sure they also got compensated very well for the loss of the children – of course maybe it was all charitable and the lawyers won’t keep any of the money because they care so much about the loss of those kids!
    Jim, I agree with you, if they did get the 47.5k, that took care of their pain, oh sure!:cry:


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