Henderson Jr. to have brain scan

Manatee murder suspects to undergo brain scans:

This is a somewhat interesting article about how defense attorneys are trying to use PET scans in order to find a medical defense for their clients. In this case specifically, one Richard Henderson Jr. who as you may recall slaughtered his entire family on Thanksgiving…

BRADENTON – Three men, each accused of first-degree murder, received a judge’s consent for brain scans Thursday.

Manatee County court officials scheduled one hearing on several motions for four men accused in separate, unrelated murder cases – Clifford Davis, 19, Richard Henderson Jr., 20, Darrell Mitchell, 36, and Blaine Ross, 23.

If convicted, each defendant could be sentenced to death.

Lawyers for Davis, Henderson, and Mitchell requested the procedure, known as PET scans. Ross has already been tested.

If any of the defendants are convicted, results from the positron emission tomography scan could be used as evidence during the sentencing phase of a trial, said Assistant Public Defender Carolyn DaSilva, who along with Assistant Public Defender Steven Schaefer is representing the three men.

“We have to do everything to prepare for the penalty phase,” DaSilva said. “It doesn’t mean we’ll get there.”

A doctor hired by the defense lawyers said the scans were necessary for him to complete his evaluation of the defendants, according to court records.

The scan, commonly used to detect cancer and brain and other neurological disorders, has become a popular tool for defense lawyers, said Charles Rose, a professor at the Stetson University law school.

The procedure, which costs about $2,000-$3,000, involves injecting a person with a radioactive substance containing glucose, and using a machine shaped like a doughnut to scan and detect the body’s reaction to the substance, according to medical experts.

In patients with certain brain disorders, the machine tracks the spot and the rate at which the glucose metabolizes, said Dr. Eric Cotton, a radiologist at National PET Scan in St. Petersburg, which is where Davis, Henderson and Mitchell will be tested.

The information, which the center sends to an expert in California to be interpreted, could be used to support diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and tumors, Cotton said.

How ironic would it be if they found a tumor in Henderson? Then they’d have to race to execute him before the tumor got him?

12 thoughts on “Henderson Jr. to have brain scan”

  1. A judge has granted defense’s request for an MRI for Lionel Tate’s pizza delivery boy robbery trial. Tate is facing up to life in prison. Judge says that just because he is allowing it, doesn’t mean that will allow it to be used in the trial. Tate allegedly received a brain injury when he was hit by a car when he was 10 years old.



    I’m going to start this off with verafing this is me. I’m in Port Manatee, H-SE, room is bottom bunk. If you think thats not enough too bad. At first when I heard about this wed site I thought it was just a few people with too much time on there hands talking shit about people they don’t know whicj you sure as hell dont know me. Yes what I did was fucked up and thats why i tried to pled guilty but they wouldnt let me cause there not taking the death penatly off the table. S o thats for all you know it all’s. I loved my family ALOT! and alot of shit was going on when this shit happened, did I mean to do waht I did NO! did i realize what I did yes, but not till I got here, and no I diddnt sleep next to my mom. About my life, since you guys love to talk so much about my life let me give you a brief summary of the shit I’ve been through. I’ll start with Myakka, my family moved to Myakka at age 8, when i first got there I hated my parents for taking me away from all I knew, and since I was a only child at the time I was extremily lonely, my parents bought me alot of shit trying to make up from removing me from society ( so heres your fucking answer for the spoiled comment’s my family put on here) I went to school at Myakka Elementry which is where I met my friend Derrek. That school along with every other school after was hell for me because I was no damn redneck, because I was diffrent I was considered a outcast, so i bacame one. When I reached middle school is where I started fighting, in sixth grade my head was smacked aganist the window of the bus everyday by rednecks untill one day I fought back, ever since then and even now in jail I go after whoever tries to bully people, my friend Ben is the one who told you this in a eariler comment. So there explains part of my temper problem, If you mother fuckers paid more attention to your kids at school maybe my family would be alive, maybe I wouldnt have all these self inflicted scars on my body, maybe I might be normal, But no thats asking to much, you assholes only spare time to bitch about other peoples problems to relaize it orginated from your home, sorry to fuck up your make belive fantasy but maybe just maybe all this shit I’m putting down will get you to reflect and realize the shit you don’t see. Let me move on to my child. I had Taylor at 15 with my 13 year old girl, yes we were young, but now a days isn’t there 11 year olds getting pregant, shit happens! 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My grandma let me, britt, and taylor move in with her untill we got the money from the redcross to move into a new home, but NO! I come home from work one day to find everything gone, me and brittany were arguing for a while from the stress of living with my grandma and not having our own place and instead of trying to work it out she took off with my baby taylor and all the money from the redcross, this is where the domestic battery charges that were later droped came into play. As you all know I was placed on felony probation at age 15 ( here’s something else you asshole’s over looked, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good job with a gun charge and no diploma) so in order to keep me from sueing her she placed a injunction on me and filed charges so it would violate me, but god forbid if I fuck up the wife being beatened by psycho husband. So my parents spent alot of money getting a lawyer to get the shit stright, which he did, good job paul. So there I was with my parents jobless cause word spreds in a small town of one’s life, and now owening my parent’s 4 grand. This people is where I got wacked out. Now before I get into the good shit let me recap some of the shit I’ve gone over and not gone over. had a kid at 15, got picked on, started fighting bully’s, got expelled, went to manatee glens twice, started cutting myself, statred smoking weed and doing other drugs, lost home, lost family, lost job, lost alot of friends due to them blaming me for shit they did, so I couldn’t go to there house’s , and now the shit in between the family crisis on thanksgiving. I started working with my parents doing lawn service again, I basiclly worked for free cause of me paying them back for the lawyer, probation, and 80$ a week in child support ( well look at this henderson trying to do the right thing ) and since my parents only worked two days a week I only got $128.00 a week for which went to paying all that shit. Now me and my dad did side jobs but instead of me saving money like I should of I got heavy into drugs zanys, corriceden cough and cold, alota weed, and pain pills. This was my way of making the pain go away and since I’m the type of person who doesn’t show emotion’s there wasnt any other way ( in my eyes ) to dull the pain. So my mind state dropped dramataclly, If I wasnt fucked up I was hurting, I was thinking how can I end this shit, At first I tried to O.D. I’d take 48 corriecdan and 25 zanny bars along with some vodka but just like my past attempts it was in vain. After a month of this Brittany found me and took me to go live with her in bradenton . What’s this rich diddn’t just show up saying he was going to slit her throat! NOPE! I was living with her for a month when this happened and this is the truth behind the story. Dec 5, 2004 it was my daughter’s birthday, me and britt had had a arrgument eariler that day about something stupid like always, afterwards everyone showed up to sing happy birthday and watch her blow out her candles, but the neighbors werent there and since they had bought her a few presents I thought they deserved to be there I sasid I would be right back I was going to run across the street and get them when I stepped back into the house they had just finished singing happy birthday. I was more hurt than pissed so I said you cunt, so the way brittany was she had to show her family who was boss and started screaming at me , me being in anger managment for the damn injunction I learned just to lave when your partner is in no mood to talk, so I walked I walked for over an hour when I got back everyone was in the carport, when I went for the front door brittany stepped in my way and started all over again my exact words were “leave me alone before I slit my wrist” then I went inside, next thing I know she is on her phone crying, I should of hauled ass then but no I went outside to see what was wrong, thats when I learned she was talking to the pigs. I went inside to try and figure out what to do and that was when the police pulled up so I ran for the back door and on the way out i grabbed a steak knife while I was running i slashed my wrist, I was caught taken to amnatee mamorial given 15 staples and taken to port manatee. I stayed four months on assault cause the bitch lied again, how ironic I grabbed a knife to slice my wrist while she told the police I was going to slice her throat. So how is it so far juicy enough for ya, is it good enough to give you fuckers enough to comment on for months. After that indicent I stayed with my parents, got heavy into acid, zanny’s, and shrooms up till thanksgiving. As for thanksgiving it was just a considence that on that day that family’s got together this happened. Did I plan it NO! did I do it yes why I dont know Yes I know it was fucked up and yes I know my brothe

    r never got to live his life but you fail to see whats most important or should I say doesn’t matter at all. The times I went to the doctor with my mom, the times my dad took me to the dentist, the times they were there for me when I was sick, the jobs I worked with them to finish, for what? all that and for what, everything they worked for and loved is all gone because I couldn’t handle life, because I wasn’t normal, because whatever took over me that day diddn’t think of them, my family, not any of your all’s family. mine and thats why I wrote this! not just to show where you were wrong, not just to say fuck, and not for me to sit here crying. So you know my story but for my family. How dare any of you call me a monster, how dare any of you say you loved my family. if you knew me or my family you would shut the fuck up, and for my cousins, aunts, uncles FUCK YOU ALL!
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  3. well so can say that i know that rich wrote that shit. only because the way it was worded and that what was said had to have came from rich.. i wrote u and u should write me back.. i find out now that all your letters going in and out are being copied before you even get them.. so all your shit they have and its fucked up.. but you know i’m still your friend i was before all this for 6yrs.. i love you alot you were a close friend and i know for a fact that you loved your family and that you regret what happened everyday of your life… still here.. write me..

    peace out,


  4. this is the firtst time ill talk on this stupid page.
    i wont awnser anyones questions so dont even try it.
    thank you rich for relizing that im not against you.
    & thank you for writing that, & not writing horrible things about me or anything about me at all.
    These people do need to know how your life was before, its no excuse but its true.
    we went through alot togeather & i hope you dont hate me to bad, & i wish you the best.

    If someone on this page doesnt tell him i wrote this than it useless, but i needed to show my respect.

    & little zack & jessica say good luck with all this shit.




  6. Coward. You were spoiled before moving out to the country. Nintendo, bikes, toys. You had it all BEFORE you moved out there.
    As for the gun charge and the rest. Your the idiot that pulled the stunt its just sad you didnt sit it out in jail. Take responsibility for your actions and quite whinin. Chicken shit. What a failure you are for not having succeeded in your ‘numerous’ suicide attempts prior to.
    Noone told you to lay down with a child and impregnate her. Noone told you to pull your stupid stunts. You could have worked for your parents and made the money you thought you just had to have. But no you wanted everything handed to you. You tore up everything they ever gave you because nothing was ever good enough. You did this. Stop blaming society. Stop blaming your parents. Start taking responsibility. Come haunt me you little bastard. They are OUR angels. They do not want you. Your a chicken shit coward and you do not scare me. As for wanting the death penalty to ‘be with your family’ I got news for you bud. Hell will be your new home and they are not there. Where your at now isn’t hell. Not even close. I doubt they would even spit to give you water. Your not worth it. Looking back you never were.


  7. I don’t know you, Richard Henderson, but I feel terrible for the hell you must be living with in your head. Are you getting any help now? Are you on medication? I have no doubt that you loved your family. I have no doubt that you regret what happened and didn’t know how it happened. I hope you get a good psychiatrist that put you on something that doesn’t “gork” you out so that you can’t function. Your life isn’t over, Richard. Get some help and look inward to discover your true path. This is coming from a person who is taking care of someone who is mentally ill. I’m sorry you didn’t have the same. Again, your life isn’t over. Keep asking for help, use the media to help you get help.


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