More on the Red Lake lawsuit

‘No amount of money will bring them back’:

Some more interesting lawyer related details about the Red Lake lawsuit…

The deal ends the district’s financial liability for the shootings because state law caps legal claims against school districts at $1 million.

But families and survivors could sue other parties. Attorneys representing the 27 people involved in the school settlement said they are looking at their options.

“Our investigation into the circumstances of the shooting continues as we speak,” said Minneapolis attorney Philip Sieff, who represented 14 people in the settlement. “This is the end of the families’ claims against the Red Lake School District but not the end of their claims in general over the shooting.”

Who the hell else can they possibly sue? Jeff Weise’s father is dead and his mother is severely disabled. The Jourdain’s? The gun manufacturers?

The settlement includes families of the five students killed and the seven students injured, and one student who was in the line of fire. It also includes five surviving school workers, the families of the two slain school employees and a relative of the grandfather’s companion.

I can see a settlement for those who died or were wounded but there seems to be a lot of extraneous people involved in this lawsuit.

The Ambulance Chasers are killing personal responsibility in this country.

14 thoughts on “More on the Red Lake lawsuit”

  1. I live one county over, I wonder if I can get in on the law suit? Actually, we might get sued too! I love how they are looking for someone to sue. And all of these extra people who were not killed or injured, what SCUM! They can take their settlement and know they are getting the same as someone who lost a loved one and apparently not even take a breath before they look for the next person to sue. It makes me sick. Greed masking as justice, how low can you go???


  2. Litigation is one reason I hate this country so much. Lawyers, using people’s pain to pad their pockets is fucking disgusting.

    so far the people got (what did we say ?) 45-47 thousand (something like that) and now they are hunting for random family to expedite more money from… and all for what ? Is THIS supposed to comfort and bring aid to people who lost loved ones to a psychopathic murderer who even killed his own family on that day ?

    what a fucking joke.

    (no errors on the spell check… yeah me πŸ˜› )

    P.S. Trench… email me my login info please. I forgot it and hate re-inputing my info everytime you change the layout 😦


  3. oh, that explains why my emails dont get the full message anymore πŸ˜›

    I like the colors, but the screen seems a little small. are you getting that on your end ?


  4. where did everything on the left go ? πŸ˜›

    The text area is still swished. Dont go crazy over this… Im just being a pain in the ass


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